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Open RP is a linkshell existing since july 2014 which has as goal to help roleplayer to meet and discuss out of their FC or common RP places such as the Quicksand in order to find more potential RP connections. Upcoming events are announced regularly to keep informed the LS members of places where they can find some RP.

While Open RP is an OOC Linkshell, it tries to promote RP in its own ways both as a meeting place and as a RP related discussion space. Launching RP debates is welcomed and encouraged as much as asking your questions regarding lore or the game itself.

Even though we ask for people joining the LS to be roleplayers, we won’t judge the RP activity or “level”. If you’re a brand new roleplayer, you can totally take this opportunity to ask your questions and some advices to those who are roleplaying since longer than you.

Leader list :
Aysun Demiir (NA)
Xenedra Ambreaus (NA)
Mackayla Lane (NA)
Jancis Milburga (NA)
Yssen Van (NA)
West O'hteco (NA)
Ruran Vas (NA)
Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa (EU)

Some links :
The Role-Play Handbook
Lodestone List
Activity Sheet
Hullo!  I'm happily back to FFXIV and seeking to branch out into the roleplaying community here, so I would very much like to be placed on the waiting list.

I'll be sure to reach out to one of the Leaders!
Hi! H'eemi's player here, can you switch the character on the waiting list to Hihimi Himi? I don't really play on H'eemi that much anymore.
As we have a few slot free following february's activity check, don't hesitate to pm any leader in game for an invitation Smile .
Hi I was kicked for inactivity but I'm on at least three times a week Sad
(03-05-2015 11:53 PM)Chillsmack Wrote: [ -> ]Hi I was kicked for inactivity but I'm on at least three times a week Sad

Hello, contact a leader online for an invitation, you're of course having priority Wink .
As for the activity check, we do several announces during a few days before removing the inactive, we cannot check the log in and out of each members of the LS which is why we ask people to not forget to tell us they are there if they see their name in the inactive list on the spreadsheet or on the name list we announce on the LS the lasts two days Smile .
The LS is now full again Smile
I'm interested in joining once there's space again. Smile My character is N'klas Tia. I'll be looking for you in-game!
T'caska Khevo would like to join as soon as a spot opens up!
I added the both of you on the waiting list, we have 1 slot left at the moment and I'll try to contact Harumi and Onion once more tonight and tomorrow (if you read that message please contact any of us, we're looking for you since a few days now ^^) then just open the slot for any of you Wink .
if there's a open spot i would like to Join.

my Character name is Cyneler Fenrir.
Plop me on the waiting list yo.
Could you put me on the waiting list please. Big Grin I'yehmiya Faolain
Done. The LS is full for now but I'll try to contact you if we have a slot free. We'll proceed to the activity check by the end of the month, there will probably be a few slots free at this time Wink .
If there's still room on the waiting list, my alt Sylsey Allond would benefit from joining the LS.  =]
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