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Free! Mini RP just for your character Free!

I was thinking, there are many who are looking for RP connections with a "contact me" request, and many who are waiting hoping someone would come and RP with them. Well then I am offering to come and RP with you is some way.

This is how it will work. 
  • You tell me a bit of detail (see below)
  • I create some brief RP context/scenario/reasons
  • I come find you
  • RP happens
The RP would be with Nebula, my Witch, who can fit into any setting. I'm okay to adapt and new RPer friendly. So please if you are worried, take a ticket we can go at your pace. I can make up the RP context and if you have some specifics you want just let me know.

I am in GMT/UTC zone so there may be some time juggling requited.

What do I want from you? > Reply to this thread with the following and I will take the first SIX.
Character Name:
Time-zone (OOC):
Location Preference (IC):
Style (pick one): [Slice of Life], [Mystery], [Adventure]
Spirit (pick one): [Humerus], [Serious]
Tone (pick one): [Light], [Dark]
Anything Specific you might want: 

Current Pending
  1. Marissa Minoru - queued
  2. Meni'li Wahsta - queued
  3. Maeve Dune - queued
  4. Raul Bugman - queue

  1. Kallera Etoile - In progress via Discord: Scapegoat Witches
  2. Alexa Rose - In progress via Discord: Demon Children
  3. Y'idya Tehn - Done: The Ash'choo curse
  4. Yitani Arulaq - (A'zaza Skywrite) - Done: The Cursed Curiosities
  5. A'riali Soro - Done : The Robber Rodents
  6. Kerrath Ellouelle - Done: The Case of the Hornet Honey Wine
  7. A'lera Treon - queued - Done/Ongoing : A New Hope

Bumping with a special sale deal, one time offer only never to be repeated!

With each RP get a free apple, a fortune card, one lucky gil and a coupon for half off your next RP!
I've been wanting an RP with you for a while, dang.

Character Name: Rihxo Matoi
Time-zone (OOC): EST
Location Preference (IC): Anywhere works!
Style (pick one): [Slice of Life], [Mystery], [Adventure]
Spirit (pick one): [Humorous], [Serious]
Tone (pick one): [Light], [Dark]
Anything Specific you might want: It can really be any kind of RP! I'm not picky.
Character Name: Selarian Cloverbloom
Time-zone (OOC): Pacific
Location Preference (IC): Any of the various city taverns, Wayfarer's Rest, somewhere in Ul'dah
Style (pick one): [Slice of Life]
Spirit (pick one): [Humerus]
Tone (pick one): [Light]
Anything Specific you might want:Nothing specific
Character Name: Jellal Asiha
Time-zone (OOC): CST
Location Preference (IC): He travels so anywhere works, usually a tavern is an easy spot.
Style (pick one): [Slice of Life]
Spirit (pick one): [Humerus]
Tone (pick one): [Light]
Anything Specific you might want: Okay so, I'm very new to the game and the lore (but not to rp, I've been rping for a very long time) But this character is not entirely fleshed out, so I'm trying my basic plan first and seeing how that flows.  If for some reason anything I allude to is not really lore-friendly please tell me so I can change it.  There really shouldn't be an issue, but I like to be safe and warn the person in advance.
Yes please!

Character Name: Tassin Esmè Duval
Time-zone (OOC): UTC -7
Location Preference (IC): The market stalls of Ul'Dah. Barring that, the Coin and Coffin.
Style (pick one): Mystery
Spirit (pick one): Serious
Tone (pick one): Dark
Anything Specific you might want: How about... an unsolicited fortune-telling?
Thank you for the fun rp!!  it was great for building on my character! <3
I'd love to be involved in a l'il rp. Great initiativeSmile
Character Name: Nhia Nahri
Time Zone: GMT. Available after 22
Location Preference: Anywhere outside Ul'dah
Style: Slice of Life
Spirit: Humorous
Tone: Light
Anything specific you might want: Nope. Surprise me. Please! I like surprises!
Character Name: Az'rhyael Cian'brigh
Time-zone (OOC): Central
Location Preference (IC): Ul'dah/ Gridania- Shroud
Style (pick one): Slice of Life
Spirit (pick one): Humorous
Tone (pick one): Light
Anything Specific you might want: Az has already met Nebbs outside the poetry contest where she predicted something for him and Syerra. The two have been hoping to cross paths with her ever since. 
Restarting this with a repeat of the "one time offer only never to be repeated!"

See the OP

With each RP get a free apple, a fortune card, one lucky gil and a coupon for half off your next RP!
Character Name: Kerrath Ellouelle
Time-zone (OOC): PST
Location Preference (IC): Not picky. Maybe not in a city, though.
Style (pick one): I've never done [Mystery] before so let's try it
Spirit (pick one): [Humerus], [Serious] how about both?
Tone (pick one): [Light], [Dark] light unless you get a great idea
Anything Specific you might want: here's my wiki page [click]
i'm kinda really super open. my character's really adaptable like yours. maybe i tag along on one of your RPs with other people or something?
Character Name:Kallera Etoile
Time-zone (OOC): EST
Location Preference (IC): North Shroud, Gridania
Style (pick one): [Mystery]
Spirit (pick one): [serious]
Tone (pick one): [Dark]
Anything Specific you might want: -
1.I'm on Excalibur, can this be a forum rp?
Character Name: Alexa Rose
Time-zone (OOC):  EST
Location Preference (IC): Any
Style (pick one): Any
Spirit (pick one): Any
Tone (pick one): Both
Anything Specific you might want:  Nebbs is a witch, and so is Lex, and I'd like them to do witchy things
What a neat idea!

Character Name: Y'idya Tehn 
Time-zone (OOC): Same as you! 
Location Preference (IC): Anywhere in or around Ul'dah or Limsa. 
Style: Slice of Life
Spirit: Y'id is mostly humerus in nature so it'll more likely end up that way even if it was serious!
Tone: Depends on your ideas, I'd lean towards light but happily do something more serious or a mix if you have ideas that fit with that more. 
Anything Specific you might want: Maybe something whacky that takes Y'id out of her element, but really anything that's fun to write about is good with me! 

Character Name: Marissa Minoru
Time-zone (OOC): GMT
Location Preference (IC): anywhere is fine, Marissa likes beaches and taverns
Style (pick one): any
Spirit (pick one): [Humerus]
Tone (pick one): [Light]
Anything Specific you might want: Perhaps a relaxing beach trip, or a night in a tavern, Marissa is also searching for traces of her father who left when she was young if you fancy going down a more serious route, but surprises are always good too!
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