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Full Version: Noirzea - Eorzean Noir using Fate-14 - Sign up thread
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Noirzea: Episode One, the Vylbrandi Chocobo

Ul’dah is the city that runs on coin.

Rain or shine, the market never stops as merchants peddle their wares and the wealthy build their fortunes. The vast mineral wealth of Thanalan allows even a city in the desert to thrive and grow, attracting people from across Eorzea to seek their fortunes, and trade goods flow through the city like water.

Ul’dah is the city that runs on coin, but all coins have two sides.

The rich feast on fine delicacies while refugees fight for every rotten scrap of food they can find. As Ul’dah proper prospers, its satellite settlements flounder and slowly fade into distant memories. The Brass Blades do what they can to keep the peace, but many are in the pockets of wealthy merchants and abuse their positions of authority for personal gain, leaving the few honest Blades strained to their limits.

Noirzea is a story about crime and money, and perhaps those few adventurers who strive to set things right in whatever small ways they can. It is a story of intrigue and mystery, of dark and dirty dealings in the back alleys and highest houses of Ul’dah.

This thread is the out of character sign up and event posting for a Fate-14 plot. Below you will find a list of events which can be signed up to by any player interested or already invested in the Fate-14 system. For more information on the system itself and other plots using it please check here.

For relevant information, please read this document. Additionally, a thread for in character posts can be found here.


Simple Guard Duty (Thursday, May 12th, 9:30 PM Central time)
A local merchant caravan seeks able bodied guards to assist and escort a caravan traveling to Ul’dah:

Caravan guards needed.
Interested applicants should contact Ut’mah Nuhn at Vesper Bay. Guards are requested from Vesper Bay through to Scorpion Crossing.

[Definitely combat]
1. Virara
2. Leanne
3. Malin Greaves
4. Zaphir Zurlac


Missing Child in Silver Bazaar (Friday, May 20th, 10:00 PM Central time)
The Adventurer’s Guild seeks immediate assistance:

At the 19th bell, authorities in Ul’dah were notified that a young midlander girl, Abigail Grey, was reported missing from the Silver Bazaar. Her father, a local fisherman, begs the aid of anyone willing to assist with the search. The Adventurer’s Guild has offered immediate assistance and asks for a quick response from adventurers; the child has been missing for one full sun at the time of this posting.

The child was last seen wearing a pale blue tunic. She has olive skin and dark hair and eyes. She is eight summers old.

OoC Note: No IC knowledge of this event will exist until the night of the event. No actions in downtime (between/before events) may be made towards the event. For IC purposes, this notice is posted just a few hours before the actual event occurs.

[Largely social. Investigative. Combat possible.]
1. Kiht Jakkya
2. Vael'a
3. Zanzan Yanzan
4. Coatleque Crofte
5. Arblis

Reserve: Akiko, Hisa

Material Request: Collecting Copper Coblyn Cores
The following notice is posted around Ul’dah:

Notice to all Adventurers

The Alchemist Guild, pursuant to Adventurer Guild Regulations, hereby authorizes the following Guildleve:
The hunting and harvesting of the soulkin copper coblyns to retrieve their cores. For the furtherance of research, an abundant supply of materials is requested.

A reward of coin and adventuring supplies will be provided per batch, dependent on both quantity and quality, as determined by an authorized guild receptionist upon delivery.

Leve to remain open until further notice. Inquire at the Ul’dahn Levemete to acquire the appropriate leveplate for official sanction.

OoC Note: This is not an event, per se. Requests for actions towards this goal may be made in the linkshell while I am available, or through RPC private messages. If multiple players wish to hunt together, we can work to try and find an appropriate time to run the event.

Even if you don’t get into a group event, you are free do work towards this goal outside of that venue. Things like researching the creatures in question, or flat out just trying to buy the items at the market cheap to turn in for rewards are all viable.

This can be Combat, Social, Financial, or however you see fit to approach the leve.
Woo! New Storyline!
Sign Kiht Jakkya up for Missing Child in Silver Bazaar!
I'd like to try to get Virara in for Simple Guard Duty. Seems, er, simple enough.

The investigation one would be fun. Alas, while Virara is actually not bad at that, I would have preferred an alt of mine to get in that I haven't made yet, so the first event sounds more suitable.
I'm interested in both events. I'll throw Crofte's sheet back together and get it to you in the next day or two. It will need to be reviewed since I haven't used it for a year now.
(05-05-2016 10:23 PM)Coatleque Wrote: [ -> ]I'm interested in both events.  I'll throw Crofte's sheet back together and get it to you in the next day or two.  It will need to be reviewed since I haven't used it for a year now.
Sure thing! Which one would you prefer, I can sign you up now and we'll just make sure to get your sheet ready before the event!
I am so in this in the later rounds!! :-D
Vael in missing child!
Signing up Zanzan for Missing Child in Silver Bazaar!
Going for Simple Guard Duty!
(05-05-2016 10:26 PM)Nihka Wrote: [ -> ]Sure thing! Which one would you prefer, I can sign you up now and we'll just make sure to get your sheet ready before the event!

Missing Child in Silver Bazaar
Finding the trail of a missing child is right up Arblis' alley. According to herself. >_>

Arblis for Missing Child in Silver Bazaar!
Malin Greaves to guard a caravan.
I'll sign up for Simple Guard Duty.
Well! That didn't take long! Watch here for future events everyone!
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