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Full Version: Silent Voices (Fate-14 Plot)
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Something is stirring in the silent and broken expanse of the Western Shroud. People that live on the edge of this devastated stretch of the great forest report hearing loud noises and strange sights at night. Some of the more isolated farmsteads and camps have gone quiet. A hearer has been sent from the city to look into these reports and she has requested help from adventurers before. There are also the many and varied people that live beneath the branches here who will need help.

((Alright, so I am gonna try my hand at a storyline. Hope you'll enjoy it.)

Event 1: A simple delivery. (Monday, August 29th, 7pm EST.)

The Black Rabbit Traders of Gridania need to hire a group of escorts for a shipment to the Far Flower Farmstead. They are concerned with the safety of the shipment with the news of all the strange happenings in the area of the farm and wouldn't want anything to happen. The job is simple, bring the two chocobo carts to the farm and the next morning come back with them loaded with the farm's produce.

1. Awyrbyrt Fyrilsunnsyn
2. Adeya
3. Kuina
4. *held*

Event 2: Missing travelers (Wed. August 31, 7pm EST)

Recently several travelers have gone missing from the roads between the north and central areas of the Black Shroud. The Wailers have put out a call for able trackers and hunters to investigate these disappearances. 

1. X'cinna
2. Khira (tentative)
3. Leanne
4. Virara

Event 3: Those meddling kids (Sunday Sept. 4 9pm EST.)

Nicolette Ambrioux has recently purchased and repaired a rather lovely little house at the far edge of the Central Shroud. It was abandoned after some minor fire damage and was quite the bargain. The only problem is now she can't sell it as she intended because it seems the place is haunted. The Hearer, Emalin Tiller, has decided that this is where she will start looking into the unrest on the border and has put out a leve asking for adventurers to help her.

1. S'imba
2. Xarl Raseiri
3. Jana
4. Artoria

General Alternates: Arblis, Anstarra, Piers Hayward
Even if she's still terrified of the Shroud, sign-up X'cinna Ares for 

Event 2: Missing travelers (Wed. August 31, 7pm EST)
Tentatively signing Khira Lhizahla up for Event 2: Missing Travellers. I amm 99% sure that falls on a good not work day for me.
Event 3 if possible ...S'imba can Scooby-Doo
Sign me Arbls up as a general reserve member! I have no guarantee I'll actually be able to make any of the events, but I'm down to fill in at the last minute if I suddenly discover that I can and you need me!
Um I don't think HAunted Houses are solved by insane bloody warriors but sign me (Xarl Raseiri) up for Event 3 if I can join.
I'd like to sign Jana up for event 3 as well!
No takers for Event 1? Sign up my Awyrbyrt Fyrilsunnsyn, then! I don't get him out enough.
I'd like to sign up Artoria for event 3.
Yay a new storyline!

Set me down in the Alternates too, please; I'm starting my new job that week so I have no idea what to expect in terms of attendance possibilities, and that Sunday is 2 days before my birthday so things might be going on for me IRL
I'd like to sign Adeya up for event 1.
I think i'll give this one a try. Put Kuina down tentatively for the 29th.
Since I don't 100% know if I can commit to any dates yet, I'm more than happy to hop into the roster of General Alternates!
If allowed, joining event 2.
I'm up for event 2 as Virara :3
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