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Full Version: Yes hello what is going on inside of this room
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Congratulations, little boys and girls. You're reading an introduction post. *Confetti.*

Yeah, anyway, hi. I've been on Balmung for a year, and I play that stupid character Annabelle Nemesia (Worst name ever, yeee.) and never bothered my backside to make myself known here. Better late than never, as Shrek says at least once in most of the movies. Outside of the magical RP land, I'm a university student studying Computer Games Development, and also meme trash.

I've been RP'ing for a solid 10 years now, give or take, though, at least 3 or 4 of those years were *Teleports behind u, stabs no dodge no hologram no invincible no anything to ever counter it ever pls*. Then I got into actually writing decent stuff, though, all my characters follow the same formula of being a bit on the crazy or bloodthirsty side. I have problems.

So, my character! Annabelle is definitely the worst thing ever, and a total mistake of a character in my opinion. But that's purely due to my own indecisive nature as to what it is I actually want to do on Balmung. I stop thinking what I'm doing is a good idea, due to a lack of interest, and then I spontaneously change it up every time. Do I ever really regret it? Not really, but I can see that it's not exactly the best choice. It does feel justified, at least in my own eyes.

At the moment? She's mute, a mercenary for hire, and a little messed up in the head, very difficult to befriend, very easy to make an enemy of. Even outside of all that, she'll get involved in any fight that is going on around her, not because she's some hero of justice, but rather because she just enjoys a good fight, think a Purple Phantom in Dark Souls 3, she goes into things with the exact same mentality.

In hindsight, this entire post is pretty awful, but meh, I'm lazy. I'm gonna be working on the Wiki page for Annabelle eventually, the full beans on her will be placed there.

Hello there, welcome to the RPC! Big Grin Ah, the good ol' *teleports behind u* days! At least we've outgrown those!
Everyone had to start somewhere!

Welcome aboard to the RPC! Thumbsup
Is that a banana avatar? ^_^

 Welcome to the RPC!
(01-11-2017 02:46 PM)Aya Wrote: [ -> ]Is that a banana avatar? ^_^
Ye, cus Banana and Anna = BanAnna

OOC nickname for the character is Banan, good times.
Welcome to the RPC! Big Grin If your character ever feels like making a damn good living being a top-shot criminal, give me a poke, we can do la RPs Big Grin
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