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Full Version: Das Loot - Weekly Criminal Events
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As part of our efforts to make Eorzea unsafe, The Black Coeurl Trading Company - purveyors of fine goods at high prices in under-the-table markets - has been running a set of mini-events on a regular basis. These events typically last 2-3 hours and are run on a weekly basis on rotating days.

The events are largely action-oriented, focusing on a single criminal event. Past examples include recovering property stolen by a rival gang, responding to the attacks of a rival gang, and attacking caravans in order to hijack their goods. About two thirds of the events tie into larger stories, while a third are standalone events.

These events are run using the F-5 game system, an extremely simplified version of Fate-14 with a focus on allowing character creation on the fly. This enables people to participate in our events with no preparation.

While the events so far have focused on The Black Coeurl, we are always in need of people to play NPCs in these events. In addition, we are interested in expanding the scope of these events to include other groups of players (eg: a group of Flame rollplayers who are trying to stop our smuggling operation, or a rival group of criminals).

If you're interested in participating, please contact either myself (C'kayah Polaali) or C'anmaia Polaali. We have a linkshell and Discord server for event coordination.
The next mini-event will be Thursday the 30th, at 7:00 PM PDT.

A Delivery Gone Wrong

The Black Coeurl is delivering materials to a reclusive and sinister sect of Mages near Little Ala Mhigo when crisis strikes! We need people to play NPCs. There is a slot open for a player group (probably white hats, but they could be rival criminals) who oppose the Mages.

If you're interested, please contact myself (C'kayah Polaali) or C'anmaia Polaali.
Sorry about the late notice but we're moving the mini-event to tomorrow night, the 31st, at 7:00 PM PDT. It's going to be GMed by both myself and C'anmaia as part of her learning to GM events, and we need a little more time to prepare.
Thanks to everyone who came for this event, it was a lot of fun! Here's a transcript (minus the OOC gameplay chatter):

#Mini-event #5 - A Delivery Gone Wrong - A simple delivery to some shady mages attracts the wrong attention.
No event this week, sadly. I've just changed jobs, and the transition isn't leaving me with a lot of time to create events.
Apologies for the short notice. After a couple of weeks of job related non-events, we're having another mini-event! This one takes place April 20th at 7:30PM PDT at the BLACK house (Lavender Beds ward 6, plot 33).

A word of warning: This mini-event is going to be experimental, and liberties will be taken with your character by the game master. Your character will not be killed or maimed without your consent, but that's about as much as I can guarantee.
Thanks to everyone who came! This was an unusual event, but it was a lot of fun!

Mini-event #6 - Guest Starring... - An unexpected visitor mixes things up. Puzzle pieces on the floor.
Apologies, but more job-related non-mini-event happening this week. Next week brings back the Mages of Little Ala Mhigo and their peculiar slave trade.

We've now got 2 GMs running these mini-events, so we're aiming to have alternating GMs every week, which should help us run these things on a more consistent weekly schedule.
It's been difficult running events the last few weeks, but they're starting to pick up again. This week's was an unadvertised one featuring one of our long-term players:

Mini-event #7 - Patron and Pariah - Kakase seeks vengeance against the mysterious mages of Little Ala Mhigo, and finds help in a most unexpected place. The threads of obligation rest on her shoulders.
Last week continued Patron and Pariah, with Kakase making contact with the mages, and laying the groundwork for further infiltration:

Mini-event #8 - Patron and Pariah, Part 2 - Kakase meets the mages and receives a linkpearl, to her surprise. Foreshortened chats could lead to longer alliances.
Mini-event #9 - Caught! The Mages request another delivery, but when Kakase arrives at their compound, she finds the house filled with dead bodies. When a Brass Blade inspector arrives, the tension mounts!
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