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These events use the Fate 14 2.0 system, make sure to have an approved sheet ahead of time

Fate 14 Master Post is Here

Primevil IC-Thread is Here

Current Event Posting is [http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=19994&pid=301335#pid301335]Here[/url]

This will be run using Fate-14 2.0 System & the Turn system used in Verad's Merchant, Marine and Anstarra's Starsfall



In the wake of the Dragonsong War, with the awakening of Azys Lla, strange new forces from an ancient time began stirring, or maybe they were already stirring and just no one began to notice until now...

Current Story Aspects - Gratitude of House Dzemael towards Adventurers

I'll sign up for Saturday's event! Either Anstarra Silverain or Kai Averniss, not decided yet ^^
These are great events for newer folks that might be interested in the very fun Fate-14 system! H
Tentatively signing up Khira Lhizahla for Event A
Helping old ladies is what Chachans do best! So put him up for Event A!

... Though if it goes SUPER long I might have to duck out for the Grindstone, but that's... like... six/seven hours after the start time.
Signing up officially for Event B! I'll be (very likely) bringing Seito Moonclaw along.
i like to sign up for event A reis could use some community service! XD

There is still 2 slots left for Event B![/size]
Sign me up for sunday
I'd like to sign up for Sunday.

SCENE 2: The waves above and below

Current Story Aspects - None

a) Something Fishy! -- 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST Friday, 07/28/2017

A Leveplate reads:
The Sahagin are normally problematic at the best of times, but they've been way to silent lately and when we went to investigate them, even the ones we trade with, they were all gone. We're hoping someone can figure this out before this ends in a primal.
- Wiltgybet Haelceig

1 - S'imba Tia
2 - Seito Moonclaw
3 - Jana Ridah
4 - Anstarra / Kai Averniss

b) Is it a bird? Is it a bismarck? No it's - -- -- 11 am PST / 2 pm EST Sunday 07/30/2017

A Leveplate reads:
Okay look, the other guards at Cloudtop are telling me I'm seeing things but I'm certain I saw it! It wasn't a bird and certainly wasn't Bismarck unless he showed up and went on a serious diet! I need people to come and help me prove that I saw it! Whatever it is!
-Artois Brandeaux, Camp Cloudtop Guard

1 - V'aleera Lhuil
2 - Orrin Halgren
3 - Artoria
4 - Vincent Sarkoza

General Turns - 16 /20 remaining
Adeya (With Seito & Astra) - Investigate (2)
Adeya (With Seito) - Investigate (2)
Kai Averniss - Empathy (2)

NPC Turns - 2 / 10 remaining
?????? - Act (3) - Jingle Jingle
Shaitan - Prepare (1) - Healing Failed
Shaitan - Prepare (1) - Minor Healed
Efreeti - Prepare (1) - Advertisements spread about the best desert party, byob
I'll sign V'al up for the birdy one
Nothing should stop me from bird hunting.
I'd like to sign up for birds as well.
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