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Full Version: To everyone gunning for Shirogane
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May your processor be quick, your internet be speedy, and your clicks on point.

Cuz it's gonna be a bloodbath.

Do you think you'll get a house? Are you even trying to get a house? Or are you just waiting to glorify in the saltbath to follow?
It's been recommended elsewhere to also have /busy up so that people can't trade-block you on anything.
I am going to try.

I won the log-on lottery last time and bought a small for my new FC. That day was... ugly. People who did not get a house were saying horrible things to or about those that did (I hid the fact that I managed to get one) and those that got a house were gloating over those that didn't. I understand folks' bitterness at the time, but lashing out at others was not the way to go.
I might nab one if any remain by the time I log in, but I won't be upset if there aren't any left. I'm not expecting any to be left by that time, honestly.

Maybe an apartment instead...
Last time my FC blew up and I quit for 3 months. This time I already have a nice FC house where we want it. So a personal house or appt will be a bonus.

Being in UK I expect total failure though. I am more here for the "event" of it all.

Good luck and may your shoelace be secure.
I'm going to try and get an apartment for an idea I had for an RP location. Having tracked the progression of apartment uptake last time, I predict they won't all be snapped up immediately (there's over 2000 apartments being released tomorrow, after all); I give it about a week. But I'm probably still going to try and get one on patch day, lol.

My heart goes out to everyone trying to snag a house, especially for RP or FC purposes. Spinner's pull be kind!
I'm going to try for a medium house, but I'm expecting absolutely nothing.
I did it when personal houses first opened, My FC mate did it when subdivisions opened then an FC officer did it when more wards opened. Each time smalls went in about 5 minutes, but Mediums took about 15 - which makes them easier to get if you're fast enough I suppose, and Larges took about an hour.

This time around because of the transfer feature I fully expect Mediums may be harder to grab than usual - since so many FCs want to transfer and most of them own a medium (and you can't transfer a Medium to Large), but I don't expect them to go as fast as smalls. Larges I'm on the fence about. They never go near as fast as Smalls, but I know a few FCs are wanting to transfer over.
I've HEARD from the grapevine there are 30 confirmed FCs running for Shiro Large's - counting transfers and new FCs. I think with FCs not commenting it's safer to assume about 50 FCs will be making the run when the servers come up. Most FCs want plot 30 as well, so if you want a large in Shiro for your FC AVOID plot 30 (Plot 7 is really nice anyway and right on the beach, don't know why it's less popular) and you may be in the clear since there are 78 larges total. There's actually a bit of coordination between FCs going on for the runners there, but it will be a race to plot 30 for sure.
On Mediums, I haven't heard too much ramble (FCs seem to talk more about Larges), but it should be obvious Plot 8 is the most talked about. I've heard 5 or 6 RP FCS wanting to transfer to Shirogane.

On Smalls I don't have a lot of info, but people are already camping out on the plots they want - I guess to say "Yes I'm wanting this one, you'll have to race against me" or - even dumber - their actually going to try for Ward 1.

Based on Campers I can probably give a list of what the least popular is and maybe that will help - Currently 11 (Small), 13 (Medium), 15 (Medium), 2 (Small), 5 (Small), 24 (Medium), 22 (Small, but I think that's a fluke cuz that's beach front), 25 (Small). None of them have campers, while every other ones have campers/ooglers. This isn't the best judge, but it does gauge popularity.

To me, if you're gunning for a house in Shirogane - a medium or a large are the safest options, but they always have been.

My best advice for people here is to make a macro to set your status to busy asap, and log out somewhere that won't have a ton of congestion. Also play it smart, do some timed runs before the server goes down to find the best and shortest path to the house you want.
(10-09-2017 04:03 PM)ArmachiA Wrote: [ -> ]This time around because of the transfer feature I fully expect Mediums may be harder to grab than usual - since so many FCs want to transfer and most of them own a medium (and you can't transfer a Medium to Large), but I don't expect them to go as fast as smalls. Larges I'm on the fence about.

This is actually incorrect. The transfer system being put in place by SE will allow players to transfer to any plot regardless of housing division or size. So you can transfer from a small in the Goblet to a Large in Shirogane so long as you have the gil to do so, as well as moving from a Large in the Goblet to a small in Shirogane... but let's be honest here who is going to actually downsize? This will of course make mediums and larges even bigger targets for the FCs who currently have smalls as well. I already know of one FC planning to move from a small to a medium so there are bound to be plenty of others looking to do the same.
Oh! Everyone was telling me differently, good to know.

Honestly, this makes me rethink the availability of Mediums. They're tempting for FCs and for Individual homes, because there right in that window of being just big enough for both.
Yeah I'll actually be surprised if Mediums aren't gone as fast as smalls, if not faster. The larges are probably the ones that will last for a slightly longer time just because of the sheer cost. It makes them a smaller target for most of the player base.
On the up side, watch out for the vacant plots in the other districts as the transfers release plots. I expect some will try and get someone to snag them as they transfer but a few should pop up.
I considered trying to snag a house, since Lydia doesn't have a personal one, but I know darned good and well I wouldn't use it for anything I don't already do at the Reliquarian's Guild hall, so I'm opting to be happy with what I have and not potentially take a house away from others. :3
Logging on after patch and there are 3009 people in the queue. XD I thought that was weird, but of course this is why. Just how many people can one server have on at the same time anyway?
All gone already. As are any plots from the relocations in the other three housing areas.

Oh well... didn't check apartments, though, if anybody is wanting those.
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