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Full Version: Looking for roleplaying partners!
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İmageİmageHello! I'm looking for some roleplaying partners for my weaver/adventurer Eilis Wright! She's currently an archer residing in Ul'dah, but will travel anywhere looking to make a coin! Message me here, in-game, or on my tumblr (xccount) if you are interested in roleplaying with me!

A picture of her is attached below. She's looking for adventuring partners, friends, and maybe even love interests (for every race except Lalafell)!Big Grin

I hope to hear from people soon!
Hi I'm always looking for rp buddies! My in-game name is V'raht Tajih I'll be looking out for ya Big Grin
I'm also always looking for more people to RP with!  Tyll'a Starr, Tyll Starr, and Krydryss Bloefrydsyn are all me.
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