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Full Version: Tough Decisions
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Ok my dudes/dudettes. Its time for the most difficult choices of your life. The Cosmic Deity of Sexy Times has given you the mission to assemble a Harem of Sexiness from any 5 Final Fantasy characters (both male and female are permitted from any FF game). Whom do you choose? Place them in order please.
Faris Scherwiz, she's my favorite.
Cecil Harvey, he's also my favorite.
Sephiroth, loved him since I first saw him.
FF1 Red Mage, says itself really.

And Red XIII because I love fluffy doggies and a doggie that can talk would be the best thing EVURRRR! I could pet him and be like " Whose a good boy! " in a silly tone, and it'd be so cool and all that!
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