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Kisa Treani - Kisa Treani - 01-11-2017 01:07 AM

I. Basic Info
  • Characters:Kisa Treani
  • Linkshells:TDB
  • Primary RP linkshell:TBD
II. RP Style
  • Amount of RP (light, medium,heavy):
    Ideally… very heavy. However due to certain life situations I am extremely limited in the time I can be on to actually RP. I would love to however see if I can meet people who are night owls on the West Coast of the US like I am.
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    Action RP must result in consequences. Combat happens and as long as parties agree on how combat should occur and be resolved then it should happen. As long as said combat makes sense for the story. Injuries will happen as well as long as the person being injured agrees to the injury and the injury is not overly exaggerated. Now that being said… it is important that injuries are role played properly… a broken leg does not recover overnight etc.
  • Views on IC romance:
    Absolutely! One of the best elements of role play in my opinion is romantic RP… if it is played with story in mind. Further those participating must be mature enough to handle such things. Romance can be played from many aspects from simple flirting to extended courtship… love at first sight is a possibility and can be fun to play but again, communication between players is VERY important. Be ready to talk as players if this is what you want for your characters.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties,etc):
    With discussion on where and how the connection impacts,sure. One of the best things about RP is the ability to share your stories with others be it through role play or in cases such as this… an actual connection between two characters. Kisa’s story is open enough to where connections can be made with communication.
  • Views on lore:
    I am still learning the lore to be honest. I may make mistakes but be kind enough to simply point them out to me in a tell and I will make corrections accordingly. I strive to research anything I put into a story but sometimes sources are not available. That being said, while lore is import so is good storytelling. If it makes sense for the story, I will consider it.
  • Views on chat functions (/say,/linkshell, etc):
    I… am not sure what I am supposed to put here to be honest./say is used for IC statements without action. /em is for actions taken by character… I am not part of a Linkshell yet. /say can be used for OOC but please but (( )) around and do not abuse it… it can hurt the flow of RP.
III. Other Info
  • Country:United States
  • Timezone:Pacific Time Zone(Late night after 10pm due to work)
  • Contact info:Feel free to contact me on the site or in game.