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About this blog

Hello! ^^

I am Kusanagi Maki, but you can just call me Maki ^^

I'm new to this whole RP thing but i thought i would give it a try because it honestly seems fun

i probably wont be any good but here goes,

I'm a 19 year old Ninja from Doma. I have traveled to Eorzea in search of..well...im not sure yet to be honest.

I normally don't talk very much so i don't have many friends (or any at all actually) but hopefully throughout my journey here in Eorzea i will encounter many friends, adventures and possibly even..love.

I sometimes take on assassination contracts. (a Ninja has to make money around here somehow) but do not worry, i will not harm anyone who is innocent.

Likes and dislikes.

Likes- Weapons, battle, Sushi, wandering around, Making friends, Romance, Men who practice the way of the Samurai or Monk! I admire them so much, i would love to learn from one of them someday I also find them very strong and sexy♥~(I may be a quiet little Ninja but i can be Lewd too if i want ya know~ ;) i guess you could say i have a type haha~ (understatement) Oh, and my homeland, Doma! its so beautiful there. 

Dislikes- Mean or arrogant people, Garleans (they're evil and ravaged my homeland and many others) Healing, its not that i hate it...im just not very good at it *nervous laughter* ill get better.. i promise ^^;

anyway this is sort of just an introduction i guess *shrug* ill post about my adventures and even post pictures as well. ^^

{Disclaimer} again im new to this whole RP thing so i may not be very good with lore and stuff but i would very much appreciate any help. I play on Mateus ^^ so anyone there can find me and help me out if you want, (could use some more friends anyway) and as for ERP, i am open to it but not immediately or with any randoms, and again..might not be that great at it (but hopefully someone can help me get better with that too) ;) anyway ill try to post semi frequently. Until next time ^^ o/

-Maki Kusanagi, Mateus


Makii wave.jpg

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