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This event began 06/04/18 and repeats every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday forever

The Tavern Roulette is an RP event that happens on mondays, wedsnesdays and fridays to give the roleplayers of the Omega server on FFXIV plenty of opportunities to get in to RP!.
To see the locations or the up coming locations please check the EURP discord for an announcement each week or! Check out our document with all the up coming locations! 


This event began 03/20/18 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever


This event began 06/30/18 and repeats every 4 weeks forever

Casual Nights At The 'Buncle!
The Desert Carbuncle is a high class Shisha lounge located in the Goblet. Here we care deeply about the service of our staff and quality of our products.
Swing on buy to a drink and smoke some Shisha in the best lounge on the server.
Casual nights means there are no big events, just open and honest RP. 
Come down to the Desert Carbuncle and have a good time!

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