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Mandragora Munchies


This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

Event details


Mandragora Munchies is a bakery/cafe located in the Sultana's Breath Subdivision of Ward 6, Suite No. 53.

Hours are 8 to 10 P.M. EST on Saturdays.

The owner, Talia Wargraven, aims to make her patron's days a little bit sweeter with her confections, and hopes you spread the word.

Need catering for your Ceremony of EternalBonding or a place to hold the reception? Say no more! Mandragora Munchies will happily cater or serve as your reception hall!

For other inquiries, contact Talia on Discord at thewitchofgeek#3194, on tumblr at mandragora-munchies-rp, or simply send a tell!

Contacts: Talia Wargraven

Saturday ONLY, 6:30-10 EST

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