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Bar Saisei Open Nights


This event repeats every week on Friday forever

Event details


Bar Saisei is a newly established cocktail lounge, sponsored by the individuals of Katachi FC, and the personal funds of Aimee Mayuzuma. Envisioned by its owners as a location where anyone can shelter away from the everyday problems of life, it provides a warm and cozy lounge to relax in, along with a fully decked out smoking lounge for those so inclined. For those less inclined to partake in alcoholic libations, the establishment keeps a large selection of teas and juices as well, prepared fresh as to keep in line with philosophy of welcomingpatrons from any and all walks of life.

Now Open Weekly on Fridays at 6-9 PST

Website and small sample Menu

1. Weapons left at the front desk please, this is a peaceful establishment.

2. No dress code isenforced or encouraged, patrons are welcome to wear whatever they wish.

3. Please don't stray into the brewery upstairs or the area behind the counter unless permission is given.

Contacts: Aimee Mayuzuma

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