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Sunday Night Fights!



This event repeats every week on Sunday forever

Event details

  Sunday Night Fights is a role play event in which individuals can take one another on in friendly sparring matches! We host two different types of match conditions that alternate each week!  The first being our standard sparring bracket in which fighters are placed in non-lethal combat against one another. This bracket permits hand to hand combat and false or blunted weaponry. Magic is not permitted in this matches.  These matches will typically take place in a lower level open world zone and details of location will be giving the day of the event!


Our second fight type is what we call the 'No-Holds-Barred' match. This type of match takes place within the walls of the Brass Knuckles Arena , this estate houses a magitek protected arena that utilizes shielding of aether. This allows our fighters to bring out the best magic and skill at arms to use against their foe with our worry of injury! This does however comes with a few small things of note.  Due to the nature of this technology summoned creatures such as Fairys and Carbuncles will not function within. Healing magics will also not function within this battle simulator. 


Fights take place in turn based fashion and are prompted along by the fight moderation team. The first to strike being decided with a pre-fight coin toss.


This event runs from 8pm EST , (5pm PST) or 1 AM server time on the Jenova server! The Address for the Brass Knuckles Arena is Ward 1, plot 59 of the Mist!

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