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Spellguard Tourney


This event repeats every 2 weeks on Friday until 03/01/19

Event details


Mist Ward 6, Seagaze Markets

Mechanics and OOC
Spellguard is a new RP event on Balmung that aims to take a tried and true formula and offer it from a new angle: 2v2! A team of two has a "node" that defends the team from their opponent's spells. While the nodeprotects anyone within its shield, it can't protect itself! These defensenodes can take three hits before shutting off, and once that happens, the match is over. While the mechanics will still be similar to the /random vs /random you know from events such as the Grindstone and the Runestone, from an IC aspect this will open up opportunities for a lot of fun characterinteractions!

To participate, you and your teammate should arrive between 9:30PM and 10PM at Seagaze Markets and line up in the half-circle of Seagaze Markets. Once it's showtime we'll /yell for everyone to get in line,go over the rules, and will pair off teams with an opposing team. Matchesare one-off competitions, with the winning team moving forward and fighting someone else in the next round. This process repeats until only one teamis left undefeated!

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