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Fox Tail's Open Stage Night


This event repeats every week on Wednesday until 06/13/18

Event details

Mist Ward 13, Plot 35

"TheFaux Paw is hosting open stage nights!
Is your character a performer ofsome kind? Dancer? A Bard? Got a comedy act? Maybe you want to play some music!
The Faux Paw has a stage open for you!

But what if you're an adventurer looking to get a nice drink and a hot meal? Just trying to escape the dry, desert air of the Quicksands? Share a story, get some booze, meet a new friend or two and hang out with music and performances!

We hope to see you!

If you'd like to book a performance, please contact Bebebop Bebop, Syrus Beleran, Talendros Malqir, or Jackie Virage-le'toc in game. If you would like to hop up on stage for a spur of the moment performance, contact any <<PawRP>> member with an LFM tag on at the time!

All prices are IC only, no actual gil is required to attend."

Contacts: Bebebop Bebop, Syrus Beleran, Jackie Virage-le'toc, Talendros Malqir
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