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Ishgardian Jousting Tournament


This event repeats every 2 weeks on Monday until 01/28/19

Event details

Camp Dragonhead, Coerthas Central Highlands

Hosted by the illustrious House De'bayle, Ser Basile Feurieux, and their Knights in Camp Dragonhead, the Hastilude proves to be a glorious event involving all manners of Ishgardian culture. Lords, Ladies, Squires, and Men-at-Arms all flock to the tilt in order to win glory for one’s heraldry, acquire the favor of a Lady or Lord, to witness illustrious spectacle beyond belief, or to practice mounted combat in a vicious trial by fire. The resonance of lance attacking lance echoes throughout the camp, providing an atmosphere hardly found anywhere in Eorzea. Witness then, the true pinnacle of Ishgardian fighting technique and a mixture of fanciful, but gritty vibrance. All are welcome, whether an imposing Viscount or an austere citizen. Warriors and cavalrymen from all over are yet encouraged tosign up in order to prove their prowess on the sturdy back of a Chocobo. Step forward now, aspirants who seek valour and glory, to manifest and prove your strength as Halone’s victor. --

Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_-MO03l1FEdurnavcoEGr5ixIdH4fEltOBKs8cT94nA/edit?usp=sharing

ContactS: Basile Feurieux / Jared#6835
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