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Sinking Anchor - Viking Nights


This event repeats every 2 weeks on Wednesday forever

Event details

Goblet, ward 13, plot 6

"The Sinking Anchor Brewery is a traditional, medieval, viking-style tavern run bythe Lily of the Valley Inn. It offers an immersive viking-style dining experience with longtables, providing easier engagement and ways to meet other people. The tavern is a buffet and offers a variety of alcoholic drinks. Gather around the hearth to carve the roast boar and listen to tavern music!

Food is already present on the tables and will be continuously replaced with different dishes once empty by our servers. Alcohol may be ordered from a server or at the bar.

The event may run past 9:00 PM PDT depending on turnout and staff schedules! Staff will have a ""Looking for meld"" symbol by their names. All fees are IC-only. Weapons and minions are not allowed in the tavern. Buffet fees (3000 gil per person, IC) and weapons will be taken at the stairs.

Alcohol menu: https://78.media.tumblr.com/cdc7a01a4cdc20f866273799b57242d8/tumblr_p8v1acclPp1u1zukyo3_r3_1280.png"

Contacts: King Noxaelius/Caelia Salinas/Sakana Kawatou
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