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Grindstone Tournament


This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

Event details


The Grindstone is Balmung's premiere fighting tournament, having existed since the arrival of FFXIV:ARR. While the folks organizing the event have changed over the following years, the intenthas been the same the entire time: Giving space for roleplayers to beat the piss out of each other without fear of death or dismemberment. ICly this means that, for all purposes, the combat is a step above simple sparring; People can and will be split open during matches. It is only thanks to a dedicated, volunteer team of healers that players can fight without worrying about surviving through metagaming.

Participating in the Grindstone is easy: You show up between 9:30PM and 10:00PM EST at Fesca's Wash in Central Thanalan on a Saturday night and get in line with everyone else. There's usually some floating RP as early as 9PM (or 8PM if folks are feeling particularly froggy) but we begin properly at 10PM. We'll /yell for everyone to get in line, then after going over the rules, the Arbiter will pair everyone off with an opponent. Matches are one-off fights with those victorious moving ahead and fighting someone else in the next round. This repeatsuntil only one person is left standing to become that week's champion.

The complete rules and details can be found at tinyurl.com/TheGrindstone

--==See Thread For More Details==--
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