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Seven Seas Smackdown


This event repeats every 2 weeks on Thursday until 10/31/19

Event details

Limsa Lower Decks (6, 15)
Seven SeasShowdown is an event where people are able to bring themselves back into the brawl of things with a tournament-type fighting competition. Selah will be hosting a bi-weekly showdown on Thursdays where money prizes and fighting fame will be offered for each champion. ANYONE is free to participate in the brawl, spectators are more than welcome to come and even place their bets to earn a little side-cash out of it. This event will be player vs. player and roll-based using /random - along with wooden weapons to be offered to the participants. Every other week, expect some sort of side entertainment and themes!

Category: Fighting Club/Tournament
Contacts: Tetsuro Wulf (Tetsuro#3438) and Selahkiir Tyl’vyr (Knife Emoji™#4277)
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