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The Winter Rose


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Lavender Beds Ward 5, Plot 21
The Winter Rose will be hosting our first event on Saturday, January 12th at 5:00 PST! This speakeasy themed event will be open to anyone who knows the password ((pssst, it's on the flyer! - Malarkey)) Please Join us for a night of music and mingling, performances and free booze! Let this be your chance to rub elbows with strangers, and get to know both the darker and lighter elements of Eorzea! We welcome both good and evil through our doors, so no matter your personal philosophy? Come on in, stay a while. You mightjust find you like it here!

We will be offering free booze for the night, roll based games that offer prizes, performances and an opportunity to meet and mingle with RPers from all over Mateus. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cotnacts: Inara Sol'eil
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