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Capricious Cornucopia


Event details

This event began 03/22/19 and repeats every week on Thursday until 04/25/19

Shirogane Subdivision, Ward 8, Plot 4, Room 7

"Newly established as a specialty boutique in alchemicaland bakery goods, the Capricious Cornucopia rests nestled in heart of Shirogane. Each baked good is made to perfection and made on site by the owner, Neela-ji. Custom goods and catering orders are available upon request! The Capricious Cornucopia menu only sells seasonal foods safe for all consumers.

Another side to the boutique lays in the ""dusk"" section, accessed by black card members. Black cards are available on site or by trusted vendors. Sign up for them in person before or after hours! Simply use the message book.

(OOC note/disclaimer: All items are paid by IC gil and all items are strictly in game, not real.)"

Category: Bar/Tavern
Contacts: Frigid Shadow
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