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The Cloak & Dagger


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The Goblet Ward 11 Plot 55

TheCloak & Dagger is a higher-class establishment run by a mysterious and heretofore unseen proprietor. Although there are a great many rumors surrounding the establishment, including that it’s involved in criminal activity and even that it may be run in connection to the Ebonguard criminal network,it’s difficult to pin anything down as fact over being mere conjecture without going to one of its elusive open nights for oneself.

One night per moon it sees an influx of colorful customers and even more colorful staff. The air inside is scented by cigarettes and incense. The menu consists of mouthwatering food exceeding both in quality and in price that which might be found in a local dive bar, and the selection of spirits on hand seems asnearly-endless as the rumors surrounding the establishment.

Category: Bar/Tavern
Contacts: Leonnaux Altoix / EbonLSAdmin#5086
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