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Saint Shiva Remembrance Mass


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Gorgagne Mills, Western CoerthasHighlands - Basement

In honor of the sacrifice and accomplishments of all our brothers and sisters who fought valiantly against Ishgardian opposition, the Dravanian Monastery is opening its doors to a public mass dedicated to our patron, Saint Shiva. The blood spilled by our kin, both dragonand man, will not be forgotten as long as the light of truth yet shines. And together, through Her grace, we turn our eyes towards the future.

The Saint Shiva Rememberance Mass is a one hour ceremony dedicated to Saint Shiva! The ceremony will be performed by members of the Dravanian Monastery. Rituals that were once shrouded in secrecy shall be revealed to the public as all are invited to attend the mass.

If you have a character thatis interested in taking part in the ceremony or would like to add something to the ceremony, contact Aegir (Aegir#5138). We’d love to incorporate your ideas!

Potluck to follow.

Category: Performance
Contacts: Aegir (Aegir#5138)
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