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The Dark Elements


This event repeats every week on Tuesday until 07/16/19

Event details

Shirogane Ward 2 Plot 7

"COMETBar Night~
Come one come all to COMETs bar night an open event hosted at COMET HQ. Where people of all backgrounds can meet and interact with no issue. We have live events happening through out the night such as COMETs Famous primal challenge. A drinking game where if you you win you get a drink named after yourself. On occasion we also have live performance. So people can listen to music or watch somebody dance as they spend their night. This is a free event only have to pay through rp money drinks and food. No actual gil"

Category: Bar/Tavern
Contacts: @Byron/Myrun Piecer, @Joy, @X'vali Tia, @Xora, @Mirrah, @Alga and Isa, @Gagusho,@Leon, @Sata/Sav(e) |[ Haulle ]|
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