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The Wanderer's Open - Archery Contest


Event details

Central Shroud (24, 20)

"The Eftmaw Clan is hosting the Warden's Open, a Traditional Miqo'te Shortbow competition in the spirit of Oschon's moon. During this time, the Eftmaw call upon other Miqo'te to select a represenative from their Tribe or Clan toparticipate in a three-part competition of Archery prowess using the chosen Shortbow. Send the best of the best, or come watch with friends as theseMiqo'te demonstrate their talent with the time-tested weapon of their ancestors in the Central Shroud!

This is an Open-Invitational for those with a mastery of the traditional Miqo'te Shortbow. Clan Eftmaw ill be fielding Buy-Ins of 10k gil ((IC, not OoC)) for Keepers and Seekers interested inrepresenting their Clan or Tribe

We will be sending the rules 3 days before competition start so you have a chance to act and field any questions you might have about this contest! "

Category: Fighting Club/Tournament
Contacts: Zola Bhakhiri@Mateus (Zola#9509), Muhau Nbolo@Mateus (Sword#8765)
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