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[M] Hani & Savo's Musical Dedications


Event details

Mists, Ward 11, Plot 5

Rating: Mature

Hani & Savo's Musical Dedications Show
Sturday, July 20th at 8:00 EST
MSITS, Ward 11 House 5

HANI & SAVO kick off shadowbringers with a cruelly targeted Musical Review at the ELYSIUM. Likely casualties this time are the dominatrix: @keelime-xiv the duskcat: @talysings a dawncat: @ehrinrae the red skink himself: @vachir-qerel his right hand elf: @shroudwayman The indomitable tramp: @eaotheelf and her other half: @rhalgr the newlyweds: @auliander-ffxiv and @oleandre-ffxiv the adorable Domanese albino: @pale-eastern-star everybody’s favorite provocateur @thebaileymail the understated:@delicatelygloriouspenguin the shady motherfucker at the: @tssbalmung the musical drunk: @whitherwanderer who could forget @thornedembers and the: @luckysparrowffxiv Also the singing gorilla: @echoingsteel and his jane: @not-another-universe nor shall we miss the qualified parental units: @simpatico-go and @sylastair the calender cat: @balmungrpcalendar then Popito from the @palazzoaldenard and finally the Blue Insanity herself: @fheylahaken(possibly more…who knows.)


Category: Performance
Contacts: Savo Kesslivang

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