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Liars Association


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Shirogane, Ward 12, Plot 16

"Since the days of old there have been gatherings of storytellers who challenged themselves to become the greatest Liars of their generations. Not a liarin the traditional sense, that is to say one who spreads misinformation,but those great bards and poets who learned how to weave the most fantastical tales, to trick the heartstrings of their audience into feeling emotions they would otherwise have never felt. These Liars Guilds once met yearlyto allow artists to share their work with one another. Borteni Efrietté, a former member of the Qestir tribe and self proclaimed Liar, has decided to resurrect this great tradition and bring it to Eorzea!

Do you play a bard or a character with a story to tell? Perhaps someone who writes and recites poetry in their spare time? An adventurer who's seen more in a few years than most people see in their lifetime?

The Liar's Association is anevent catered to gathering storytellers, bards, poets, and anyone else with a story to tell or art to share! It's a relatively informal gathering for creative characters to share their craft or just a nice story with eachother.

Each attendee has a right to share one story, song, poem, or performance whether original or not. If there is additional time then one can share more, but everyone gets one chance to go up. If you prefer to watch, that's fine too!

Interested in sponsoring us? We're happy to bring some life to your establishment if you'd like to be our host for a month!DM me for more information!

Hope to see you there. Feel free to join our Discord!

Category: Performance
Cotnacts: IG: Borteni Efriette || Discord: Haylestorm#3100

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