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Nald’thal’s Moon Meetup


Event details

Lavender Beds, Ward 16, Amethyst Shallows Subdivision
Rating: Teen

This moon The Forest Children will be celebrating Nald’thal’s moon. In honor of Nald’thal, overseer of transactions and the underworld, and god of commerce, The Forest Children will be hosting the Two Brother’s Market. Merchants or anyone who wishes to holda spooky early All Saints Wake themed stall are encouraged to attend. If you’re interested in signing up, feel free to contact Nhym Nswala via discord on Aio#1263.

Category: Celebration
Contacts: Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263), Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837) or Aife Dolabnha(Aife#6195)
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