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Ijin Beer Festival


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Kogane Dori, Kugane
Rating: Teen

"The Ijin Beer Festival is set up by the Ijin District of Kugane to celebrate local and foreign beer, ale, and spirit vendors and promote economic cooperation. It is our hope that every member of Kugane will find their sacred sauces represented in this festival. Drinks will be sold and enjoyed among festival music. Events include a drinking competition, awards to the best beer makers, and a traditional dance (while drunk).

Drinking Competition - Participants will line up and participate in a rolling game to see how well they hold their beer. The winner is the one who lasts longer. [See document for mechanics]

Makers Contest - Vendorsmay participate in the Makers Contest. Judges will come around and sample their beer and at the end of the Festival, awards will be handed out.

Traditional Dance - A Taikomochi from the Rakuza District will lead participants in a traditional dance. However, drinking is a part of this shuffle. How deft are your feet after a few drinks? [see document for details]"

Category: Celebration
Contacts: aegir
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