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Crescent & Friend’s 6th Annual Pubcrawl


Event details


Steps of Ul'dah - Outside the Quicksand ( 12.0 , 8.0 )
Rating: Teen

Crescent & Friend’s
6th Annual PUBCRAWL


Join Crescent & Friends acrossthe desert and through the woods, to every port & Tavern we go! Call off the search for what to do on the weekend as we offer you a straight up goodtime! You and your questionable friends are welcomed to join us for a variety of socializing, games, performances, and ridiculousness as we celebrate All Saints Wake! If luck be on your side you may go home with more thanjust a hangover!

Check out ALL information here

Who: Those who dare to make the long trek!
What: A journey through the wilds of Eorzea, stopping at each bar, dive, and tavern we pass. Immersion music will be played en route so start making a list of your favorite Halloween & drinking songs! @ Crescent-sound
When: Saturday , October 26th, 8:00PM EDT (We head out @ 8:30)
Where: Begin: Ul'dah Gates - Outside the Quicksand ( 12.0 , 8.0 )
Why: If you like to drink, schmooze, and travel this is the journey for you! If you’re on the shy side or don’t drink no problem! We havetasty virgin drinks and we’ll fix you up with some great drinking buddies to ease you into the celebrations!
Dress Theme: P I R A T E S ! ! !
Poster by: @sylastair

Q: What FCs are collaborating on this event?
A: Crescent’s pub-crawls are all about community! We try to pack in as manyfolks as possible! The more the merrier!

Our hosts this time are:
- crescent-ffxiv
- keepers-kiss
- drunkenmoogle
- luckysparrowffxiv
- drunkdungeoneers-ffxiv
- maelstrom-command

Q: Just -what- kinds of activities will we be doing at each stop?
A: At every stop we’ll enjoy a different sort of entertainment and chance to socialize. Make sure to check out themaster-link above for all info!

These include but are not limited to:
-Cosplay Costume Contest
-Obstacle Course
-Random Prizes!

Q: If a patron comes late, how do they find you if you’re going to be moving?
A: You can either track us down along the path/stops or whisper one of our hosts!

You can also /tell West O'hteco

Thank you for your help in spreading the word!

Category: Celebration
Contacts: West O'theco, Sylastair Wolfheart
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