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Wayward Star Bar


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This event began 03/03/20 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever


Mists Ward 14 Plot 2
Rating: Teen

Hey folks!

We're opening up our FC house for RP and shenanigans every Tuesday. It's a relaxed, welcoming and fun environment for those who don't mind hanging out with a scurvy bunch with the mind of people being respectful to one and another and those who aren't going to turn anybody in to the Maelstrom or other such forms of authority...no crime happens here, honest. There may be food served and occasionally baked goods on account of our adorable chef.

We have to offer:
-A bar serving a variety of alcoholic beverages, mostly stocked up on spirits on the account of the captain's drinking problem, but we cater to other tastes.
-Eorzea's most adorable chef
-A kitchen, which has been known to serve bacon.
-A lounge (witha fire to boot)
-A clinic
-A place to sleep

Time: 8pm GMT(4pm Eastern Time) every Tuesday
Location: Mist Ward 6 Plot 1 (The Wayward Star)

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