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Eorzea Pride 2020 - Drag Show


Event details

Mist Ward 11, Plot 5
Rating: Teen

🏳️‍🌈 It’s that time of the turn again, Kings and Queens… The Third Annual Great Eorzean Drag Show is upon us. 🏳️‍🌈 

🌈 Our Kings and Queens will perform in several rounds, baring to the world their Humor, Originality, Looks and Extravagance.  🌈

❤️ Who: Anyone’s welcome! Bring your bestie, uncle, your frenemies or your local queenout for a night you’ll be popping your tongues about for a century
💛  What: A drag show with drag kings and queens, who will be performing in a round where they slay the runway, a round of reading the audience to filth, and finally a talent show.
💚 When: 20th of June, at 8PM EDT 
💙  Where: The Keeper’s Kiss Elysium. Mist Ward 11, Plot 5
💜  Additional drag performers welcome: We’d like a maximum of two more drag performers for the show!  Contact (Roy#0437) or @thebaileymail if interested, or for more info! 

Poster provided by @morpho-whispers

Category: Celebration
Contacts: Roimeo Riviere
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