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[M] Ketsueki Kaigan: The Feast of Imagawa


Event details

The Coral Banquet, Ruby Sea
Rating: Mature

KETSUEKI KAIGAN: a blood feast on the shore of the Ruby Sea. It is the privilege awarded to any member of the Confederates to call together a Feast. The price for the meal is BLOOD.

With the Flying Sharksof Yanxia circling the Coral Banquet, the Feast of Imagawa has begun. Eight competitors from near and far have been gathered to battle to the top. Their reward is kidnapped Koshu Lord, Reikayuki Imagawa.

When a Feast begins, the Bakufu know better than to bother the Confederates, lest they become food themselves. But with a 2,000,000 koban reward on the platter, who wouldn’t want to get a little nibble?

Ketsueki Kaigan is a singleelimination BLOOD BRAWL! There are eight slots open. Weapons, magic, pets, and meteors! It’s a combat buffet!

This is a MATURE event. Meaning there may be strong language and graphic violence. Please keep that in mind.

Category: Fighting Club/Tournament
Contacts: Aegir#5138
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