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[M] Kiss Kiss Cabaret


Event details

Mists Ward 11 Plot 5
Rating: Mature

The Elysium opens it’s doors and returns for another Kiss Kiss Burlesque!
Join us for a night of laughter, warm ambiance, off the cuff and off the shoulder music that is renown across the realms to warm hearts, dazzle the senses, liven souls, and weaken even the brittlest of stony exteriors. …barring that; It’s likely going to bring some color to your cheeks!

The show will be mature/sultry/risque centered in nature, which in short potentially means people taking off their clothes! … Okay, almost guaranteed people taking off their clothes. Y’all know by now.

Category: Performance
Contacts: Pim Harris ( Uendwen#2705), Y'sahra Khei (Akane#7497)

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