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Byakko-matsuri: The Festival of Byakko


Event details

Kugane, Sekiseigumi Barracks
Rating: Teen

As the maple leaves turn crimson and gold, the White Tiger andWarden of the West roars.

The Festival of Byakko venerates the Lord which guards the western shores of Hingashi. This celebrate has long held significance with the samurai families of Koshu, a tradition which has recently been passed down to the sekiseigumi. This year, the sekiseigumi are holding their own Byakko-matsuri right on their training grounds.

As the Byakko Mikoshi parades around Kugane, join us in a celebration of swords and roars! The festival of Byakko will feature a reenactment of a famous Hingan smaurai battle, a blessing ceremony, and Kettosai! A samurai masters and student tournament!

Category: Fighting Club/Tournament
Contacts: Aegir#5138

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