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Welcome to Aeons of the Twelve! We are a community for newbies/veterans to master and perfect their skills. Although we do have various differences that might separate us, it is the similarities which we share that keeps us connected. All members are encouraged to have the mindset of overcoming any challenges that stand before them, the potential to bring forth greatness and the spirit to strive for awesomeness! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The Aeons of the Twelve headquarters is located at the Twelve's Tavern. It is home to the Crystal Garden that is opened between 6am-12pm for breafkast and 6pm-12am for dinner, and the Carbuncle Lounge that is open 24/7. We offer room and board at a reasonable price. Should you wish to check-in at our elegant suites or dine-in from our luxurious menu selection, please visit the front desk by the Crystal Garden where they can assist you with all your needs and wants. And as always please enjoy your stay here at the Twelve's Tavern. May you rest happily and relax safely under Her light...





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Free Company

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Multifaceted Company operating in the fields of Information, Exploration, R&D, Trade & Solace. || "Happy hunting and safe adventuring!" - R.W.


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  2. Seat of Halone: ??? Seat of Menphina: Khloe Chalahko Seat of Thaliak: ??? Seat of Nymeia: Amelia Sadler Seat of Llymlean: ??? Seat of Oschon: ??? Seat of Byregot: ??? Seat of Rhalgr: ??? Seat of Azeyma: Bella Copular Seat of Nald'thal: Augustine Green Seat of Nophica: Z'izari Moonshade Seat of Althyk: Hendrick Sands
  3. Crystal Garden Menu Beverages Non-Alcoholic: Misc. - Bottled Spring Water, Lemonade, Mint/Rolanberry Lassi, Hot Chocolate, Triple Cream Coffee, Heavenly Eggnog Juices - Orange, Grape, Apple, Pineapple, Purple Carrot, Blood Tomato Teas - Chamomile, Mulled, Ishgardian, Doman, Buckwheat, Steppe, Rooibos, Pixieberry, Masala Chai, Matcha Alcoholic: (Additional selections might be available than the ones listed below...) Ales - Mun-Tuy Brew, Aleport Brew Wines - Lowland White, Rolanberry Red, Caelumtree, Mulled, Sake (Hingashi/Gensui) Liquor - Cherry Brandewine, Onyx Brandewine Special Drinks: Halone’s Fury, Menphina’s Love, Thaliak’s Wisdom, Nymeia’s Veil, Llymlaen’s Voyage, Oschon’s Drift, Byregot’s Creation, Rhalgr’s Destruction, Azeyma’s Radiance, Nald’thal’s Exchange, Nophica’s Bounty, Althyk’s Sovereignty ~* Breakfast Menu *~ Croissants - Almond Cream, Blueberry, Rolanberry, Cream Cheese or Honey Classic Eggs - Sunny Side Up, Over Easy/Medium, Poached or Scrambled Classic Sausages - Links/Patties Eggs Benedict - Bacon, Ham or Salmon Muffins - Blueberry, Rolanberry, Chocolate, Honey or Gridanian “Banana” Walnut Moogle-shaped Waffles - Blueberry, Rolanberry, Chocolate or Plain Chocobo-shaped Pancakes - Blueberry, Rolanberry, Chocolate or Plain ~* Dinner Menu *~ Appetizers: Miq'abobs - Meat, Tuna, Forest or Combination Adventurous Popoto Fries Crab Cakes Salt Cod Puffs Miso Dengaku Nigiri-zushi Onigiri Treasure Box - An assortment of various stuffed rice balls. Tempura Platter - Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetable or Combination Soups & Salads: Soups - Bouillabaisse, Clam Chowder, Baked Onion Soup, Chilled Popoto Soup, Heavensegg Drop Soup, Doman Clear/Miso Soup Salads - Robe Lettuce Caesar Salad, Twilight Popoto Salad, Mixed Fruit Salad Entrees: Stews - Antelope, Beef, Mutton, Angler or Seafood Steaks - Marmot, Antelope, Aldgoat, Eft or Dzo Ramen - Beef, Chicken Pork, Shrimp or Tofu Curry - Beef, Chicken, Pork, Shrimp or Tofu Pastas - Fettuccine (Chicken, Shrimp or Salmon), Spaghetti (Carbonara, Pescatore or Napolitan), Pasta Ortolano Savory Pies/Quiches - Eel Pie, Herring Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, Tomato Pie, Spinach Quiche Desserts: Jellied Compote Sachetorte Rolanberry Cheesecake or Tart Sohm Al Tart Rolanberry Shaved Ice Ice Cream/Sherberts (Vanilla, Chocolate, Rolanberry, Orange, Mango, Red Bean, Matcha) Mochi Ice Cream (Rolanberry, Orange, Mango, Red Bean, Matcha)
  4. There are six different Partner Ranks, or Company Houses, that exist in the Aeons of the Twelve [A-XII]. Being part of a one keeps you safe for at least two years from being expelled from the guild due to inactivity. There are also a few perks that come with it, such as, the ability to activate Company Buffs if no officer is around, access to additional FC chest boxes and other privileges like using the garden and workshop... - List of Partner Ranks - -- IF YOU ROLEPLAY, please choose the House that is best suited towards your character... -- IF YOU DON'T ROLEPLAY, treat it as a personality test and choose the House that best fits yourself... Moogle Hall: "The Seekers" - Information, Exploration and Discovery - Information Gathering, Journalists, Slueths, Treasure Hunters, Relic Seekers, Ruin Excavators, World Explorers, etc. ~ Those who have an interest in finding and seeking out things may find a home here... Tonberry Palace: "The Keepers" - Knowledge, Theorems and Philosophy - Scientists, Scholars, Researchers, Philosophers, Astrologists, Inventors, etc. ~ Beware of potentially dangerous experiments and explosive inventions... Chocobo Castle: "The Collectors" - Fortune, Treasure and Wealth - Merchants, Traders, Hunters, Gatherers, Crafters and other various occupations like Street Performers... ~ ("What is a Hufflepuff? Harry Potter for $200 please, Alex...") Twilight Ark: "The Protectors" - Strength, Will and Power - Mercenaries, Sellswords, Bodyguards, Duelists, Dungeon Raiders, etc. ~ Fighters against injustice and protectors of the weak and guards against other potentially harmful threats. Some may also act as Security Guards to the free company house. Aurora Tower: "The Defenders" - Mind, Body and Spirit - Healers, Doctors, Herbalists, Divinators, Shamans, Soothsayers, Musical Therapist etc. ~ Specialist in the arts of rejuvenation and revitalization. Skilled in defensive arts and magicks... Celestial Den: "The Watchers" - Mystery, Secrecy and Privacy - Detectives, Investigators, Spies, Elite Adventurers, Soloists, Black Market Dealers, etc. When honey badgers become badass... ~ May include people who collect various the six various elemental crystals who experience periodical headaches/migraines/blackouts and who would get killed several times and then reappear at an aetheryte, revived...
  5. Currently, getting approval from the board to post the inner workings of how our company is run. Please check back later...
  6. Organization Outline Tier 1 - Company Offices || Executive Rank Administrator - Administration Office Pearl Operatem - Clerical Office Jade Consulate - Legality Office Tier 2 - Company Divisions || Director Rank Intel Solarium - Intelligence Division (Information) Gambit Lunarium - Tactical Division (Exploration) Jewel Cosmosium - Finance Division (Trade) Tier 3 - Company Houses || Partner Rank (Senior Members) Moogle Hall - The Seekers Tonberry Palace - The Keepers Chocobo Castle - The Collectors Twilight Ark - The Protectors Aurora Tower - The Defenders Celestial Den - The Watchers Tier 4 - N/A || Veteran/Associate Rank Veteran - Junior Members Associate - New Members
  7. In the Days Past... During the days of the Sixth Astral Era, there existed an organization based in Ul’dah called the Path of the Twelve that was dedicated to protecting and supporting those who have been touched by the power of the Echo. It was believed that this special ability is a gift granted by the Mother Crystal, Hydaelyn, to help bring peace to the people of Eorzea. With the commotion of a Seventh Umbral Era that was slowly, but surely approaching, Raltz Waltz along with his two cousins, Leafeon Glaceon and Espeon Umbreon, joined the Path of the Twelve in the hopes of preventing that catastrophe from happening. However, while three of them worked well together as one, they each still had their own ideas on how things should be done. Eventually their differences accumulated in a confrontation, creating a rift that drove them apart. The cousins went their separate ways, breaking off from the organization altogether, and worked towards bringing peace to Eorzea in their own ways. No sooner had the Three parted ways, the day of the foreseen Calamity came to fruition and heralded more devastation and chaos than anyone could have imagined. It was then, amidst the aftermath of it all, that Raltz and his cousins decided to set aside their differences, mended the bonds of friendship that they once shared in the past and agreed to work together again to bring forth Eorzea’s salvation. And so, Three became One once again and the Aeons of the Twelve [A-XII] was formed. Raltz took up the mantle of Administrator with the guidance and support of his two cousins in joint leadership. Created and founded by the three of them, the Aeons of the Twelve would become an organization that welcomed people from all walks of life and a place that provides succor for all those throughout the realms of Hydaelyn. In the Present Day… Five years after the day of the Calamity, the A-XII organization has grown into a multi-faceted organization involved in the fields of: information, exploration, research & discovery, trade and solace. In order to help manage these five different business ventures, the three Lalafell cousins decided to integrate three sub-organizations that would act as the foundation of the A-XII organization: Intel Solarium, Gambit Lunarium, Jewel Cosmosium. These sub-organizations, cumulatively known as Division, direct many of the organization's projects, as well as providing services that meet the demands of the company. If there is information that needs to be found, the Intel Solarium would form a group of members to collect research. Should there be a discovery for a potential object that exists, the Gambit Lunarium would form an exploration party to look for it. And finally the Jewel Cosmosium helps maintain the company’s fundings and spendings by bringing the money through trade and opening the doors to the Twelve’s Tavern for potential guests. Because the destruction and devastation left in the Calamity's aftermath was greater than anyone could imagine, A-XII provided succor to as many people as it could and welcomed anywho needed a home or place to stay. Many who were in the care of A-XII eventually joined as members of the company. From warriors to healers, scholars to scientists, and merchants to farmers, the A-XII organization has a diverse range of people. The three cousins then created six different “Houses” for their members who have reached the Partner Rank so that people with the same interest could work together and build some sort of camaraderie. In the Days to Come… With the rate in which the organization has grown in the past years, even larger than the cousins had anticipated, the three of them decided that there needs to be some sort of structure in place to maintain some sort of order. Each of the cousins decided to pick three pillars of what A-XII stands for… Benevolence: The power of being kind to all forms of life out there and befriending them. Perseverance: The power to always push forward even when things do not go the way it was expected. Astuteness: The power to fully comprehend, understand and solve any situation that may present itself before you. With these words set in stone as A-XII’s Three Pillars of Truths, Raltz and his cousins step forward to achieve great things with their organization and their members in the future to come...
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