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Chimera <CHMRA> is a grey-aligned organization of contractors of many different outlooks, skillsets, and walks of life. From heroes to villains and everything in between, there is work to be done. Though the company itself is more discreet in some of its more morally questionable deeds, it has recently opened its doors to the public in the form of a bi-weekly tavern to entertain potential clientele. On an OOC level, we're a group comprised of like-minded, fun-loving adults who enjoy one another's company. If you're laid-back, enjoy a little fun with your roleplay (and maybe even a bit of gameplay), then this is the place for you.





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Free Company

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Mercenary Organization


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  2. Basic Information Full Name: Gusept Goro Gender: Male Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with a slight lean towards Evil Age: 26 Race: Au Ra Sub-Species: Xaela Tribe: Goro Character Appearance Hair: Black Skin: Indigo Eyes: Dark Blue Height: 7' Weight: 175 Markings (Scars, Tattoos etc): Several scars lining his arms, legs, and chest. Physical Features: Heavy bags under eyes, relatively lean for an Au Ra. Chimera Codename: Sunder Role in the company: Agent On the job expertise: Frontline warrior, architect Personality Positive Personality Traits: Straightfoward, intelligent, observant, focused Negative Personality Traits: Selfish, brutish, rude, violent, lazy Quirks: Tends to speak flatly with little expression. Favored God/Goddess: Althyk, the Keeper Likes: Meat, fighting, craftsmanship, puzzles Favorite Food: Bison steak Favorite Drink: Lominsan ale Favorite Color: Blue Dislikes: Loud noises, crowds, being bored Hobbies: Architecture and engineering, tinkering, causing trouble General Character Info Relationship Status: Single (technically married) Sexuality: Bisexual Place of residence: Chimera Headquarters Occupation: Freelance fighter, agent of Chimera, Group affiliation: Former tribesman of the Goro Enemies: Several Wealth Status: Upper middle-class Character Abilities and Proficiency: Warrior (master), Craftsman (expert), Rogue (novice) Preferred Weapon: Greataxe, 2x Handaxe Weapon Proficiencies: Axes, unarmed, milder proficiency in most basic weapons Aether Abilities: Untrained Other Information Skills: General tinkering, animal handling History/Background Birthplace: Born in the Azim Steppe, but left a few years ago for Eorzea Parents: Biography:
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    Screenshots of our members doing what they do best - being nerds.
  4. Welcome to the place where people can post their character profiles / biographies. Love them or hate them, they're usually a staple of a roleplay community and an interesting tool for those who would seek to use them! A couple guidelines: You don't have to create a biography. Some people don't like to, and that's okay! Use whatever format you like! Though we do have a suggested format, you can formulate your own! Please submit them as an additional post to this thread! The Template Basic Information Full Name: Gender: Alignment: Age: Race: Sub-Species: Tribe: Character Appearance Hair: Skin: Eyes: Height: Weight: Markings (Scars, Tattoos etc): Physical Features: Chimera Codename: Role in the company: On the job expertise: Personality Positive Personality Traits: Negative Personality Traits: Quirks: Favored God/Goddess: Likes: Favorite Food: Favorite Drink: Favorite Color: Dislikes: Hobbies: General Character Info Relationship Status: Sexuality: Place of residence: Occupation: Group affiliation: Enemies: Wealth Status: Character Abilities and Proficiency: Preferred Weapon: Weapon Proficiencies: Aether Abilities: Other Information Skills: History/Background Birthplace: Parents: Biography:
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