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Established on server Malboro, House Soleilune is a newly formed noble house given the mission to represent Ishgard to lands beyond Coerthas. Led by Ambassador Amythine Soleilune, House Soleilune seeks to promote Ishgardian culture, enlist foreign mercenary aid and negotiate trade treaties with non-Ishgardian entities. House Soleilune also stands as an unashamedly liberal house among Ishgard's conservative traditions. Amythine Sunweaver, Mistress of the house, is Ishgard's first gay woman to lead a noble house. Soleilune actively seeks to employ half-elezen who were previously shunned by Ishgardian society, as well as low-born who struggle for work, and seeks to promote women to positions of authority. Amythine's philosophy is that Ishgard should stand as a beacon to the world that a religious nation can still be a place of equal opportunity, inclusiveness and diversity, and be all the stronger for it, while demonstrating the strength of a strong religious foundation.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Ishgardian dignitaries


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  2. House Soleilune is open for recruitment on server Malboro. If you like the FC description and you'd like any further information, reply here with your character name and I'll respond ASAP!
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