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This Linkshell & Discord dedicated for:

🌇 City, 
eeper of the Moon/Seeker & Keeper mix role-players to come together and make connections! Our target is to provide an inclusive, comfortable, entertaining, and educational atmosphere.

**Please Note: Joining the discord will take you to a landing, aka welcome channel. Feel free to read over the rules or ready your answers while you wait for a staff member to assist you.




We are aware that our ruleset and tone section presents us as a strict linkshell with high role-play standards. 

That simply isn't our intent and you will find, contrary to the language here, that the staff promotes an easy-going atmosphere. It's important to us that we explain our expectations and tone in a no-nonsense way so you can assess if this 
linkshell is a fit for you or not. The reality is that we're a bunch of shy folks flailing around trying to get along, have a few laughs, and enjoy the game together.


I. Respect the tone and vision the staff have for the community and role-play.


II. You and your character must be over the age of eighteen.


  • Swearing, dark humor, dirty jokes, ribbing one another, and spicy memes prevail in the culture of this community. Topics of discussion from time-to-time may turn adult and tribal life itself isn't unicorns & rainbows IC. You can expect that adult topics will pop up in discussion or in role-play and we expect you to handle it maturely.
  • In addition to our policy regarding minors and characters who are minors, all characters are expected to be no older, mentally or physically, than a wizened senior citizen at the very most. This is especially relevant if they're going to be romantically involved. Seven hundred-year-old "ten-year-olds" aren't acceptable, nor is any other form of “loli” character, no matter how old they “actually” are.



III. This is not Party Grindr.


  • Let us be abundantly clear: we do not care if our members ERP on their own private time. This particular community is not a fit for ERP-centric characters (advertising /c/ in search info, etc.) nor does it exist as a venue to find a romantic relationship for your character.


  • Characters with the following in their search info are not fit for in this community as a member or guest: Trap/Futa/C*ntboy/D*ckgirl/Shemale or among others that may apply as a fetish term.
  • If you are going to be hosting 18+ events with sexually explicit and/or incredibly violent themes or you are going be organizing role-play that involves brothels or related "adult" establishments in-game—you must include a disclaimer in the advertisement or call for role-play.



IV. You need to understand that we perform regular inactivity checks.

This is nothing personal. We will occasionally remove members from the linkshell that no longer appear to be active and have no presence in the community. If you do not participate in linkshell discussion, Discord discussion, and never attend linkshell events—you are considered inactive. The key is communication! Talk to the admin if you are going to be inactive or on hiatus. If you feel if you have been removed by mistake or wish to rejoin, all you need to do is follow the steps above to be reinvited.



V. Be courteous of your fellow community members.


  • Confine extensive discussion/spammy joking to Discord out of respect for the chat bar of other members.
  • You are sharing the spotlight with other members. Keep in mind that most in the linkshell have crafted their own culture, location, backstory, and headcanons for the branch or sect that their character is from. In order to avoid stepping on the toes of other community members, we ask that you not claim your character is the definitive clan. Instead, we recommend an informal (or even formal!) nickname for their people based on your own preference.
  • Do not project your own lore on established NPC's in-game. You can very easily craft your own branch of NPC's.
  • This is not an echo chamber. Constructive criticism done in the spirit of civility is welcome in the community.
  • Stalking or perving on other members will not be tolerated.
  • If you want to start an in-depth discussion of politics and religion we recommend you find another outlet. The staff is not interested in moderating extensive political or religious debate. In fact, we don't care to moderate heated arguments at all. Take it to private message.
  • Feel free to announce events that you, your linkshell, your friends, or your FC are hosting. We ask that you not use our linkshell or Discord as an advertisement venue for other Discords, linkshells, or Free Companies.
  • The nature of an open linkshell presents the unfortunate reality that new members will join that may disregard the rules, are new to role-play, display poor role-play etiquette/quality, or they simply don't mesh with you and are not your style. We ask for your patience and understanding with us as well as we go through the process of serving as examples while they grow as a role-player, the staff speaks with them, or they are removed from the community. 
  • Communicate with us. We are human and might miss something. We cannot fix a problem if you do not come to the admin or mentors and speak with us.
  • Weekly gatherings are linkshell-focused events. Please run it by a staff member when you intend to bring guests to them!
  • We ask you to put effort into your role-play. Please use spellcheck and use proper grammar/punctuation/capitalization to your best ability. No one is perfect and we all goof up, it happens!
  • Be self-aware. Do not make this linkshell a hostile or intimidating environment for others, especially for the purpose of browbeating another member into ERP. We have noticed that the prevailing method of attempting to coerce others into ERP is not overt advances, but rather, a more subtle pattern of unwelcome misconduct or behavior that's based on sex and pervasive enough that a reasonable person could find it intimidating, hostile or abusive. Don't repeatedly have your character pursuing theirs if they aren't receptive. Don't comment on every screenshot of women (or even other characters) posted with how "hot" they are, etc.



VI. We are lore-bending, not lore-breaking.

  • In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. Every reaction your character receives is based off of how their actions are perceived by others. It is unrealistic to expect they will be universally loved for acting in annoying or aggressive ways. If your character gets into a fight, and especially if they do so often, do not expect them to get out of it without at least a few scratches. This is a fictional setting. We're all trying to build a story together for entertainment. There's no reason to take a negative response personally because you didn't receive the reaction you wanted. 


  • No miqo'te born in Othard/Kugane OR raised in Othardian/Doman culture. The staff have determined that these types of characters are not a fit for this community. Trade with these lands has opened up in recent years—and indeed there are miqo'te with Eorzean totem there currently trading—so if you're character currently trades in these lands they are certainly welcome. Being influenced by the various cultures of Othard is also welcome. Our community simply isn't a fit for miqo'te characters that were raised in a lifestyle native to those lands.
  • Limited alt interaction is allowed, but discouraged. It shouldn't give either alt an undue or unfair advantage, or deprive other players of RP. Don't self-RP or use alts for self-promotion.
  • No tempered or those that can temper. This is a rabbit hole that we'd rather not go down.
  • The echo is fine to a reasonable extent.
  • Voidsent beings, black magic, white magic will not be treated lightly and should be reacted to in accordance with lore.
  • No incest role-play. 
  • No non-miqo'te species . This linkshell is focused on miqo'te.
  • No halfbreeds. (Au Ra/Miq'ote, Hyur/Miqo'te, etc.) The chance of these happening is exceedingly rare. We don't feel it is fair to allow every player to access these—as it would no longer be rare. 
  • We don't consider Fantasia/race changing something that can happen IC. If your character starts speaking about a previous life of them being another race, don't be surprised when other characters IC think they're pants-on-head nuts.
  • Sexually suggestive search information or those that contain (/C/) f-list links: Players who spend more time describing all the ways they enjoy sex and what sexual acts they prefer than developing their character's personality will not be a good fit for this linkshell. You have a limited amount of characters in your search information and it's telling what people put!
  • No overpowered characters. Characters who can casually wipe city blocks off of the map, time travel, teleport to other worlds, or withstand a haymaker from Titan will not be a good fit for this linkshell. Such characters tend to pressure other players into making their characters that powerful, or risk being made irrelevant in combat RP. The general rule of thumb is that if your character's strength even approaches the WoL's, much less surpasses it, then they are too powerful for this LS.
  • No cult-like polygamous role-play where one gender controls the opposite gender sexually. As stated before, the thought of one man/woman sexually controlling people of the opposite sex in a society where both seen as equals is simply ridiculous. This will not fly here.
  • No cutesy purring/nyah/meow behavior: This linkshell is a conglomeration of warrior societies, not a furry convention. Behavior like this diminishes the gravity we are trying to cultivate, on top of being grating to a significant portion of our playerbase who may have joined this linkshell to escape this behavior.
  • No trans-fetishism characters. We have transgender characters and players in our community. Futa, dickgirls, shemales, cuntboys, etc are not a fit for this linkshell.