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The Iron Devils is a mercenary corps comprised of select individuals. These men and women are not trained as a single military force, but are specialists in their field. Soldiers, spies, assassins, there is little that the Iron Devils won't do for the right price - save for serving any Garlean interests, as they are deemed as hated enemies by the Commander. Though still new - and unknown to the world, the Iron Devils are willing to bring in those who may be seeking solace from their past, their crimes, their former lives. Those deemed as criminals, exiles, outcasts are all welcome to join - so long as they swear loyalty to the organization and its Commander. Some say, they actively seek such individuals due to alleged activities deemed illict by many. [[The Iron Devils is a new, Heavy RP guild. While I leveled the guild to max rank by myself, we have no house or anything attractive at all, as this is a guild that I've had now since 2017, but never really tried recruiting. In theme, if one could not tell, is that of a mercenary outfit with darker/mature elements of illicit criminal activity. Dealing in narcotics, slaves, illegal arms and weapons. There is little the Iron Devils won't do, except for aiding Garlean interests. As my character DESPISES the Empire and wishes to see it brought to ruin. We are not a large powerful guild. Nor do I ever intend to create such a large group. What I wish for is a small, tight knit organization of mature RPers who wish to casually run game content, whether it be PVE or PVP, and to help each other out - you know, have fun? Haha. As stated above, the guild is new - I'm still working on leveling and structuring the guild, but if you like what you've read so far - well, then join the Discord @ https://discord.gg/RYtNBWv or DM me on Discord @NorseKorean#3251 or message me in-game Grim Blackgrave.]]





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Mercenaries, Criminal Activity


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