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~ A haven for the lost, the troubled, the lonely wanderers and those seeking a place of security or a home with purpose. All are welcomed, few will be turned away. Even the most auspicious will find comfort among our halls. ~ White Crane Haven is a small FC located on the Mateus server, Crystal Data Center. While Doman/Hingan inspired, the FC welcomes all races, focusing on the interactions of people through diplomacy, trade and other needs. The FC itself is comprised of working adults and we want our members to understand that we value and support them. We welcome New Rpers and veterans alike and offer many opportunities within the FC for members to immerse themselves. For more information, please visit https://whitecranefc.carrd.co/





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


All walks of life


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  2. Last night the public dining hall was busy. The Haven was filled with boisterous chatter along with the constant clatter of utensils hitting plates. There was a lot of slurping and satisfied groans as Zenko-san cooked up a storm, keeping the food flowing! We're looking forward to the next one and a new organization to donate the proceeds to.
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