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[Crystal][Goblin][LFM][RPers][Non RP Casuals] <Sky Wolves> is recruiting new members! We're a mixed-RP FC that is composed of both RPers and non-RPers. We're also a group of adults that understand that your real life takes priority and we're looking for like-minded, social members to join our band of misfits. We host several events throughout the week to accommodate a variety of schedules. What are we looking for? 18+, People who can take a joke, And people who can dish them out, Social individuals Please god no more Au Ra or cat people. Just kidding, you'd fit right in. So what do we have to offer? Maps, Mount farms, RP events, Roulettes, Several people with extremely handsome Discord voices, A femroe, Bad puns and Frank discussions about Au Ra anatomy. Interested in joining or have any questions? Feel free to shoot one of us a message. Contact Information: @fitedurid#9076 In-game: Henri Nillefrant @Rosekitten#0317 In-game: Ganbaatar Lundr @Tibet#1489 In-game: Loethaemr Tibet





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Sky Pirates, Slice of Life


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  2. Well.. we took a bit of a break to sort out things in the group and start raiding but now that things are well underway and we're working on the actual Free Company story. I'd like to have more folks involved. The group has some a long way and I am proud of them through the ups and downs of both rp events and just over all trials of the FC as a whole.
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