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Go To: www.knightsofeorzea.com to apply and for Further Details!
The Below is just a peak of what we are offering!

Recruiting for our Knight Path (Adventuring) & The Kupo Knights (Tavern)!


The Knights of Eorzea is a Free Company on the Server of Balmung. The Knights of Eorzea was established on December 16th, 2016 by Ryslo Suramlo, Bard Arkwright, & Carmen Arkwright. Since the inception of the Knight's they have grown from four members to a budding community of 40+. The original concept was to bring a PnP styled RP system to Balmung that both engaged and rewarded the members involved. Since then our RP system has gone over several reiterations all based on the feedback received by the community both past and present members.

Our focus is to develop meaningful stories through the participation of multiple user's who partake in events known as 'Chapters'. These Chapters are parts of a whole which is known to the Members of KOE as 'Books'. Not only is our focus on the development of in character engagements but we also participate in PvE elements as well such as Map Runs, Eureka (that is to be released) and generally helping our community get through the content of the game. Lastly, our community holds a Tavern Element to our developed RP culture. This Tavern is more or less an Adventurer's Bar where people can get together (Within and outside our FC) to talk about their ventures, pass along information and even make requests of the our free company to work alongside their own. Joint ventures will be discussed with the leaders of each group and arrangements will also be done this way.

Our ultimate goal is to make KOE accessible to combat oriented characters as well as non-combat oriented ones in return, blending the two styles together to make a deep and meaningful world on which our characters can embark upon. Leading us to a immersive and interactive engagement all around all while trying to keep social clique's to a minimal but blending people together in unique situations.


A N - O V E R V I E W
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."

Melee - Aetherial - Support
Characters Welcomed

The Knights of Eorzea's Adventurer's Path hopes to lead our members on a epic journey that expands chapters and books which are establishing our communities general lore and our full engagement to the world at large. The focus for the Adventurer's of the Knights of Eorzea will be taking on tasks other's do not. Mostly working with individuals who are forgotten or lost to the system of law's that have been established in Eorzea and generally the world. An example of this is helping out a group of refugee's simply trying to survive by showing them how to hunt, providing basic supplies, fighting off those who would poach off them and so-forth. The Knights will be taking on tasks that are small and sometimes large. It really depends on how each event is played out which determines the course of KOE's FC Lore. No worries! We are not the warrior of light so we will not be fighting primals or Ascians.

The Ranks

RECRUIT [ Trial Period ] SQUIRE [ Full Member Period ] KNIGHT [ Veteran Member Period ] HIGH KNIGHT [ Game Master I ] KNIGHT CAPTAIN [ Game Master II ]



“To provide dazzling light, even in the deepest darkness"

A N - O V E R V I E W

Welcome to Luminous, an open-environment for random roleplay on the Balmung server of Final Fantasy XIV. The focus of Luminous is to provide players with a home away from home and give them the chance to form new meaningful relationships during their journey. Located in the Free Company house of the Knights of Eorzea which is located in Plot 60, 16 Ward, The Goblet. Luminous is more than just a tavern -- we also have various themed rooms for your enjoyment including (but not limited to): a spa, library, church, inn (rooms), indoor garden and more! The Tavern is Run by the Sub Branch of the Knights of Eorzea known as The Kupo Knights (Balmung).

The Ranks

Event Coordinator | Greeter | Server | Bartender | Performer | Security


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