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We are an Adventure Guild that will be focusing on World RP - We do utilize a Pen and Paper System which has no 'level' or 'Experience' you simply attend events and gain 'Skill Points' which you can distribute among many stats. Easy to Understand and Super Flexible! For PvP We use Grindstone Rules.





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Free Company

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Adventurer's Serving the Greater Good


  1. What's new in this club
  2. We would like to WELCOME the following people to the Oracles of the Empyrean Cindri'sae Khyptha & Fahe Amariyo We are currently looking to welcome more people to our cause! ★Oracles★Of★Empyrean★ Utilizing an In depth Pen and Paper System Hosting Customized Free Company Story Events Player Vs. Enviroment Events An Active Discord and Site Promotion Ceremonies and So much more! Now making appointments for IC Interviews! https://oe-rp.enjin.com/ Additionally feel free to reach out to myself, Katja Lykios (Nytefall#3282) or Argyle Aldrich (Ryslo Suramlo#0001) on discord.
  3. We just Promoted the Following Individuals! Adept to Oracle Cota Dhoro & Patient Wolf Acolyte to Adept Heinrich Wiseman & Roric Angura Initiate to Acolyte Sylvah Tobais, Hilda Savage, Sylvia Bicta & Sarnai Torgud
  4. The week is half over! The Oracles of the Empyrean are still actively recruiting those that would enjoy the rounded experiences we provide.
  5. The Oracles of the Empyrean Congratulate our newest Acolyte: Roric Angura Roric, having been with us for a bit over 2 weeks (our normal trial period,) has added a new and different flavor to the FC. The Oracles of the Empyrean are actively recruiting at this time. We offer as an FC: Open World RP. - We don't just sit at home to role-play. We get out there, camp at our destinations. Rewarding Story Telling. - Unique to our own company this story has actually been in development and played out for many years. Discord & Website. - Both of these are utilized heavily to keep the whole company up to date, informed and as a lovely record of our history, for future references. Pen and Paper Styled System. - Don't get the name wrong, though we do have a system, it is easy to both learn and utilize. Our system is developed to aid you in expanding your characters strength, weaknesses and personality. We do the hard work for you, mostly. Roleplay! - added to the scheduled role-playing, our members actively engage one another in random role-plays. Since we camp at our locations, it allows the members to build their characters with one another, the surroundings, etc. Player Vs. Environment. - We don't just RP. We pride ourselves on being a decently rounded group that also enjoy content. We work and aid one another, be it established members or new. With so many exciting new adventures on our horizon, now is a great time to join us! If you are interested in learning what we are about, please Click Here to learn more. Interested in joining our ranks, then please feel free to place an APPLICATION Additionally feel free to reach out to myself, Katja Lykios (Babywildkat#3282) or Argyle Aldrich (Ryslo Suramlo#0001) on discord.
  6. This week we are focusing on our core members both ICly and OOCly. When not involved in scheduled events, our group enjoys random roleplay. This allows us to further our character development and relationships to one another. Last night we furthered the story of the Oracles in the Ruby Sea area. Next it will be off to the Steppes. Should be interesting for a number of people from Eorzea to arrive at the Steppes where suspicion is rampant. Scheduled so far this week with possible more to come: Jun 04 '20 08:00 PM EST [ PVE ] Jun 06 '20 07:00 PM EST [ Open RP ] The Steppes Visit our website @ https://oe-rp.enjin.com/
  7. What we can offer you as a Free Company. Open World RP. All our events are done in the large expansive world that Square Enix has created and developed for us. If your looking to make your character's backstory rich, deep and interwoven with others in such an environment then come and check us out. Rewarding Story Telling. We enjoy utilizing our members backstories into our own Free Company Story by blending the two together that helps make things make sense. While we do this we never solely put the spotlight on a single individual or individuals. Your not just a prop with our events, and that's important. Discord & Website. Our Discord is very active as we always have 3 to 9 people on voice to talk to. Get to know your fellow FC mates out of character and build a meaningful relationship that isn't just in character. Our Website is active as well as our members post Journal Entries and we keep logs of all our RP for record keeping and for the sake of History! Pen and Paper Styled System. Our System has been designed and is designed to help make our larger events more interesting rather then simple. It lets our Game Masters create complex situations that keep everyone fairly equal while still being able to reward those who have higher activity. A System that has Combat Oriented Skills, Non-Combat Oriented Skills and not restricted to 'levels'. You build your character the way they are not the way the system funnels you. Plus YOU do not need to create a sheet at all! Our system is automated all you have to do is at the end of every week spend any 'Points' you acquire to update your sheet! Roleplay, Roleplay, Roleplay! While we have Open Events members are constantly engaging each other in random RP. Building their characters together and in our 'Camp' situations. Since we don't have a Free Company house we actively have ourselves camping (Choosing places where we are ICly). This allows us to plant ourselves in the meantime and gives everyone a place to gather while we wait for more Wards to become available. Player Vs. Environment. We dont just RP. We do a lot of content with each other as well and hoping to expand on this in the future. Since our numbers are steady we understand we need some growth to explore things further. So for now we work on Maps, Raids and Farming Mounts. Heck we even are doing some PVP currently together to farm those Mog Tomes! Suspension of Squads. We plan to bring back Squads at a later time when our numbers are stabilized again. For now we are focusing on our core membership which is roughly 14 individuals who are on daily and actively communicating with one and another. Once our numbers are a bit more healthy we plan to reinstate the Squads which happily allowed us to create smaller, unique events that focused on individuals weekly outside our larger FC based Events. How we plan to bring these back is by focusing on the members who have been active to get them to the Rank of Oracle on which once they go through the process will be able to help lead. Currently we only have 2 people at the ready for this system and we would like to have at least 2 more. Much Much More... Check us out at our Site. https://oe-rp.enjin.com/
  8. It's Memorial Day in the USA. Come visit a few of us at the Aetherite in Limsa! We will be playing a number of different tunes for your enjoyment today!
  9. How does one follow a post like the two above? If you get a chance, please read the two previous posts, at least. Much of what we do is within them. We are actively looking for new members that would enjoy the active, immersive roleplay we provide. I would like to stress that not only do we provide roleplays, we encourage our members to work with us to develop even more roleplay! Come check us out! https://oe-rp.enjin.com/
  10. We have a very strong core membership that seems to be very active during event times and not. Our members engage each other in open RP creating meaningful connections with each other during non-event times and it shows during those bigger moments. If your looking for a Free Company that puts in the leg work to try and make things special then at least come check us out. We have a fully working Website, A Rank 2 Discord, and a calendar that never lacks events. Our discord isn't a ghost town either! People are on daily talking to each other utilizing voice and getting to know other players out of character (shooting the breeze with on and another) making our home feel just like your home. We are New Player Friendly, Veteran Welcome and Lore Focused. We absolutely adore Open World RP and not for you if your looking for Tavern RP (Nothing against Tavern RP mind you but we just wont be hosting that sort of component). We are an Adventuring Free Company with a Developing storyline where you are NOT the prop but rather a integral part of its creation. It doesn't hurt to at least check things out for yourself by going to! https://oe-rp.enjin.com/
  11. Just wanted to share a snippet from our latest promotion ceremony: Initiate to Acolyte Today we are here to honor Laviria, Lucien, Heinrich and Hirohito for their choice to join our ranks over half a moon ago. If present please step forward among your peers as we give homage to the sacrifice you have decided to make by putting your life on the line to serve and protect others. Since the Four of you have joined our ranks you have bore witness to the actions we take to stand against forces others would have fled from. You have stood by those of us who have been at this for sometime and had our backs when they would have otherwise been backed into a corner. You have demonstrated the ability to overcome your fears, or at minimal push those fears aside so we can take corrective action to protect and help those who could not. As we grow and our numbers begin to thrive we augment our cause and increase our ability to provide succor, respite and aid. We stand up against those who would see this world burn in a time when even the Grand Companies struggle to maintain control in what otherwise feels like an age of chaos. While I may not be a man of great faithfulness in powers greater then I, I have grown to have a reliance upon those who stand around us this evening and extend that same credence onto the Four of you. Lucien, You continue to face your own cimmerian shades. Your past is full of sufferage, loss and from what I can tell misfortune. I am uncertain if we can ever help heal the wounds you carry but I do know you trudge forward with us no matter how sore those wounds have made you to do good in this world. While I can’t speak for your reasons for working with us I can say it takes a great deal of strength to put aside your own misfortune to see that others can have a future with silver linings. Heinrich, I must admit I have no had a chance to get to know you beyond the deeds you have recently done with us and our first encounter back at the Gold Saucier. This said it does not diminish the importance of today. That you have worked alongside strangers and put your life on the line to do so. While I may yet know of your past I can say your time is helping us create lustrous future’s for those who otherwise may not be given that chance. With the garleans keeping the Grand Companies tied up, you put your own agenda on the line to help us help them. Hirohito, Honor. My first time talking to you this is practically the first thing that came out of our conversation. How does one define Honor? Again that concept seems to vary from one person to the next and to be honest it doesn’t matter. You have a past that you carry on your back as if it were a heavy load. You wear your heart on your sleeve as well and I admire your ability to be honest about such convictions. I may not have fealty to my own feelings but you do. I hope to see that fidelity of yours help those among us forward. Before we move on with our ceremony this evening, I ask if Katja has anything to add to the words given.. -- Acolyte to Adept Cota and VIctor would you please step forward. These two individuals have served with us for sometime. They have braved enemies with us that have demonstrated some terrible source of power. Risked their future’s, risked their lives and risked walking into the unknown. They have braved the storm and continue to walk into the next. That is why tonight we will be elevating them from the rank of Acolyte to Adept on which they will undergo their final trials before they become Oracles, Leaders of our organization. Victor. Your surety has never waivered. You have demonstrated you are a friend to those around you and have a reliance that we can depend upon. While you have a courage that boils within you and a tenacity for life, I know there is still more for us to learn. I am uncertain of your future and still learning about your past. I can only think of the present and I hope you can face what's before you as we march onward together. The trials are not a test but are steps to walk upon to ensure you are ready to help us lead forward. To keep ourselves moving, never to look back. Cota. What more can be said. You have a adamantine like exterior that is hard to break and sometimes unyielding. Though once that exterior begins to crack and you let yourself shine through it becomes apparent that you are strong, solid and have a compassion hidden beyond all that hardened protection you have built up. You are genuine and relentlessly brave. You continue to work beside us knowing full well the dangers and full well the risk. In someways are akin and in others we differ greatly. It is your differences that make you a great addition to this group. This said the trials for you are also not a test. You have proven yourself dependable, instead they are simply a guide to ensure you will be ready to lead forward not back. Again I ask that if Katja has words to share that she step forward and do so now.
  12. C H A P T E R - T H R E E: T H E - A T T A C K [ Part I ] Attendance: Cota Dhoro, Nessa Aldrich, Heinrich Wiseman, Patient Wolf, Sehu Ketto, Katja Lykios, Victor Valiant, Argyle Adlrich A emergency summons was made by Cota Dhoro for the Oracles to meet at the Coerthas Western Highlands, at the old site of the Convictory. Here as the Oracles gathered Cota would explain the General information: She had come across information that a part of her past had made their presence known. Two individuals had been spotted in Ishgard wearing her and Hirohito's master's colors. She explained further that she had followed the rumors into the Western Highlands and to the Convictory where she saw these two Othardian dressed individuals speaking to several individuals wearing white robes. She had witnessed these individuals speaking to the research group from Ishgard that had setup camp. It was during the night that the White Robes and these two Higan Warriors had been spotted rounding up the researchers by force and corralling them into a carriage with chains at their wrists and ankels. She noted that they headed North West toward the Dravanian Forelands. The Oracles would follow but with the blizzard in full force blinding them. Still they pushed forward knowing the risks all to save a bunch of strangers who got caught up in business beyond them. They would find these Synod of Continuance members and their Higan Allies but not before falling off the ledge of a near by cliff hurting themselves in the process (except Katja) and being forced to engage before they could setup a surprise attack. Already injured the fight would commence as Two Chocobo Riders engaged the group along with three White Robed Combatants and 2 Samurai. The fight was intense - Fire balls hurled by Heinrich, Metal weapons utilized by Cota, Victor and Argyle, Arrows fired by Katja and Sehu, Martial skills used by Wolf and support provided by Nessa. It was some encounter. Injured piled up but the enemies numbers started to wane. The worst of it came from the Chocobo themselves. One rider remained on his mount having taken Cota while the other Chocobo having severely injured wolf and knocked out cota opened up the opportunity for one of the Oracles to be taken hostage. Sehu fought valiantly to save the hostages and took a great deal of risk onto herself. In the end 8 of the 10 hostages had been rescued with 2 dying in a fire set ablaze to the carriage itself by one of the Chocobo Riders.
  13. Hello Everyone! Have you ever seen an Au'ra ride a sheep? Or perhaps a Roe ready to punch a escaped Chocobo? Both leading a few of us to want to string a lalafell to the windmill prop. (don't worry no animals or people were hurt beyond a bump or two.) Between our FC Story line, we often take on side missions. Many are serious and lead back into the Main Story. Others, like the above, bring out the funny side of our work. I encourage you to check us out if you are looking for an active, friendly FC. We enjoy the company of all walks of life, different RP experience, even if that is none! Hope to hear from you sometime soon! Finding yourself interested in learning what we are about, please Click Here Interested in joining our ranks, then please feel free to place an APPLICATION
  14. The Oracles of the Empyrean would like to CONGRATULATE : Jalesa Hallon promoted - Acolyte --> Adept Anakol Liorasch promoted - Initiate --> Acolyte Cota Dhoro promoted - Initiate --> Acolyte We look forward to more exciting adventures with everyone!
  15. We have often stated how busy we are. The following is how our weekly schedule is beginning. More events may be added, as well as smaller and personal Roleplays happening through out the week. Apr 14 '2020, 07:00 PM EST: [Argyles Squad] Snowed In. Apr 15 '20 06:00 PM EST [Promotion] Cota Dhoro 07:00 PM EST [Katja's Squad] Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow Apr 17 '20 07:00 PM EST [ Group Event ] Night Watch Finding yourself interested in learning what we are about, please Click Here Interested in joining our ranks, then please feel free to place an APPLICATION
  16. C H A P T E R - O N E : S Y N O D - O F - C O N T I N U A N C E Attendance: Nessa, Raxio, Patient Wolf, Sigmund, Argyle, Katja, Sehu, Jalesa, Cota, and Rahi Gamemaster: Argyle Alrdich Major NPC: Victar Antonia Caesona The group gathered at a near by camp ground under a starry night. It was here their findings about the Wyvern, Its Rider came to fruition as news of the shored up defenses at Hyrstmill was notated. The group learned that they had evidence that the Wyvern and Its Rider had found refuge at the old Behemoth's Lair. It was then the group marched forward toward the lair and found the following greeting them at the small pathway leading into the heart of the breeding ground: White robe (A) stands there with a stoic gaze forward. Mouth slightly ajar, facial features dulled all while the man himself seem anemic. His arms hang by his side limp and unmoved as light lucid white breath escapes his colorless lips. White Robe (B) stands there in place with her arms hung by her side. Her cadaverous form is sickly to look upon. Concealed from next to feet by the heavy cloth of her coverings. Her hair is coiled and unhealthy as her eyes have all but lost their color. Breath escapes between her lips but nothing else seems to show any signs of life. White Robe ( C ) stands there with its back turned to the ground. Hood covers its head as it stares blankly at the stone wall before it. Unmoved, unflinched the figure does not respond to the sounds of those who approach. White Robe (D) sits on the ground with her back to the stone wall. Her legs straight out and together and her hands idle upon her lap. Her black hair curled before her face hiding her features as breath lingers between the strains that lay across her mouth. Laying there among them (1) (2) (3) (4) each represent a corpse. A body laid out as if they were trying to flee but failed to do so. They have stab marks across their entire backside.. Blood frozen against the ground around them and their body covered in a faint sheet of snow They proceeded further into the lair past these cloaked figures who did not interract with the group - and found at the end of the valley a female drapped in white and silver armor standing beside a black scaled Wyvern. Her name Victar Antonia Caesona. She claims she serves Vicegerent Avitus Diadumenianus of the Synod of Continuance. After some dialogue was exchanged and Antonia fled on the backside of her Wyvern.. Animated corpses attacked the group and combat commenced. While the fight seem to have no end - The Corpses began to decay and break down at a atomic level as their last attack was indeed their last attack. As the Oracles pushed them back their bodies turned into a black sludge leaving nothing but the white robes they wore.
  17. Following the burning of a house in Hyrstmill and a fight with invading enemies, the Oracles of the Empyrean have been busy. The house that burned was cleansed of debris and rebuilt after the memorial for the 3 that perished within. Tonight on routine Guard duty, poor Anakol was set upon by a young opo-opo, trying to prove its dominance, by flinging poo at him. If only that was the last of their worries though. From the rear of Hyrstmill Village there was a call for help from the Blacksmith. Our little merry band of gaurds, for tonight, set about protecting the village from minor voidsend Imps. Fortunately, though the fight was a struggle, the village and its inhabitants were once more kept safe. What will happen next in our story? Tomorrow (Thursday) evening we will be taking a small break from roleplay to enjoy working together helping all those with us, to get bird mounts. If you are interested in learning what we are about, please Click Here Interested in joining our ranks, then please feel free to place an APPLICATION Recruitment is currently only open for 1 or 2 people.
  18. A quote from a letter that Argyle Aldrich would receive: "In our quest to garner more aid with our self imposed missions, a parchment was received from Little Ala Mhigo. This parchment was an application form for one known at Patient Wolf. After meeting with said person, I was impressed with how they handled them self. I have a feeling this person will be of tremendous aid in our further endeavors. She carries a parchment of recognition, in case she finds you before I return." If you are interested in learning what we are about, please refer to the above post for links
  19. The Oracles of the Empyrean welcome our newest Intitiate: Dante Auden With so many exciting new adventures on our horizon, now is a great time to join us! If you are interested in learning what we are about, please Click Here to learn more. Interested in joining our ranks, then please feel free to place an APPLICATION
  20. We would like to welcome one of our Newest Members to Argyle's Squad - Anakol Liorasch. We meet with him at Blackbrush Station where we went over the details of our company and eventually invited him. Again welcome on board Anakol Liorasch! Also We would like to Congratulate Jalesa, Raxio and Zahrih for reaching the rank of Acolyte! Congratulations you three!
  21. Busy Week as normal! 3 promotion ceremonies Squad missions PVE Map runs Gathering/Crafting in Ishgaurd Random RP Pen n Paper SW Saga This is all before our RP missions are posted for FFXIV! *Squad Missions are 4 player events purposely meant to be small to allow the most interaction but also to allow character development *Missions without the tag Squad are open to everyone and meant to get everyone face to face with one and another *Pen and Paper - Is an out of game event we run utilizing Roll 20
  22. Attendance: Argyle Aldrich & Jalesa Hallon Game Mastered: Argyle Aldrich Part III - Knowledge 101 - Little Ala Mhigo. Not all problems can be solved with a sword and shield. In fact some problems are best suited by providing knowledge to folks to empower themselves and in this case Jalesa Hallon and Argyle Aldrich provided three Elders with such power. They met with Adalag, Hadding, & Elina within the confines of the Thaumaturgist Guild where they would discuss the City state of Ul'dah in great depth. The following information is what they went over for the three elders so they can bring it back to their people and give them better odds against the Cog which is the Syndicate, Dynasty and even the Military: Ul'Dynasty Claims Sovereignty - Their will carried out by the Divan which is comprised of 8 Viziers who oversee law, finance, engineering, the interior, commerce, war, religion affairs, and Palace Affairs. The Syndicate is very powerful - So much so the Sultana's power is increasingly weakening. It is run by the 6 most influential and wealthy of Ul'dah's citizenry. They have so much clout they even have a great deal of oversight on the 4 leaders of the Uldan Military. The Flame General Pippin Aldynn - Runs the Hall of Flames which oversee's the 1st and 3rd Brigades. Which also oversee's Foreign Brigades (Non Uldan, Alamhigo Refugees and Free Brigades also known as Free Companies. The Flame General also oversees the Bloodsworn. Brass Blades, Stone Torches and the Sultansworn. Went over the best means of trade for those of Little Ala Mhigo which both Jalesa & Argyle agree would be their skinning and alchemy goods. The information was well received as the three elders had taken plenty of notations and departed with smiles on their faces as they made their way back home.
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