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About This Club

This tavern—nestled along the shore of the Mists—serves as a reprieve from the ails of the realm. It’s frequented by all manner of adventurers, mercenaries, scholars, and even a few rare Grand Company members. Seated at the bar, they’re united by a search for fruitful work and unique opportunities. Camaraderie through arms, or at least a desire for a plump coinpurse. Beneath the din and clamor of the tavern and inn, however, is a sturdier foundation. Though few in numbers, the Ardent Lotus Clan has mettle and spirit—the sort forged from a combined desire of its hunters to make this Star an onze safer. They do not operate in the open. Yet far too small to stand among the titans of the realm’s other clans and free companies, they nevertheless toil away where they’re able. Come in, put up your weapon, and have a seat. Enjoy the fruits and libations of lands east and west. Stick around long enough, and you might just put down roots…





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Adventurers, Mercenaries, Tavern, Inn, Leves, Artifacts


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Welcome to several new members since I've last updated this post! Oops! Lol.
  3. Applications are being accepted for new members! http://ardent-lotus.enjin.com/contact Here is our application; please feel free to read about us on the website as well. We have a tumblr too: http://hidden-pearl.tumblr.com !
  4. Welcome to the FC, BeJuled! And welcome back, Elliot!
  5. Still open for applications! Check our site for more info~
  6. Welcome to our newest members, A'muro and Airis! Thanks for joining us!
  7. What will it be today~?
  8. Welcome to our two newest members, Theresa and Kalla!
  9. And welcome to our newest member, Kichiro!
  10. We've had several new members, but our most recents are Lyra and Aura! Welcome!
  11. Welcome to our next newest member, Domog Hotgo! <3~
  12. Big welcome and hellos to another newbie, Rhuaza Kasa! Hope you enjoy your time with us~ <3
  13. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    A somewhat private, outdoor sitting area for patrons and guests.
  14. The FC's main RP hub and IC location.
  15. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    The Pearl's outdoor hot spring accommodations.
  16. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    Front gate and walkway to Hidden Pearl entrance.
  17. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    The House of the Hidden Pearl.
  18. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    For those of the Ardent Lotus...
  19. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    An example of one of our few inn rooms ICly available to anyone, member or not!
  20. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    A view of our levecounter, noticeboard, and general adventurer downstairs hangout place.
  21. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    Entrance and reception area of the Hidden Pearl.
  22. From the album: House of the Hidden Pearl

    A view of the tavern/bar area.
  23. until
    IC Tidbits: The Hidden Pearl is offering half price drinks to anyone who walks through their doors from 8pm Eastern and onward! Happy hour, woo! If your character is feeling musical or bard-ly, feel free to use the tavern as an audience for your melodies~♪ OOC Bonus: Any player who brings a friend from another FC or a person with no FC to this event will be entered into a raffle to win gil, minions, or whatever is currently popular on the Market Board! You can bring as many friends as you want. The more you bring, the more entries you can obtain, and each of your friends will get one too! (However, please do not just show up to enter the raffle, then leave the social event directly after. Be considerate. <3)
  24. On the old RPC, I always tried to welcome our newest members here. So this is the "welcome" thread! Feel free to post an introduction if you'd like, but otherwise just bask in the newb-ness~ To start us off, I'd like to give a warm welcome to our newest members, Striking Lily and Haruka Uesugi!
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