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  2. xelliexell

    [Balmung] Rendezvous Host Club | Third Moon Opening!

    This event is today! In 5 hours! Everyone is welcome!
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  4. Teixilea

    Games You Can Find Me In!

    ☾ FFXIV: Teixilea Lihzeh (Balmung) ☾ WoW: Teixilea (Moon Guard) ☾ Battle.net: Teixilea#2225 ☾ Discord: Teixilea#0001 ☾ Steam: Teixilea
  5. Orianna Chant

    Hello! New on Jenova!

    Late response, but hey there! If you're looking to get into rp, feel free to hit me up in-game; Orianna Chant or via dms I can send you my discord information.
  6. Hey, welcome back! I don't think I ever interacted with your character when you played before, but it's nice to see an old player return. I hope you find lots of RP this time around!
  7. Orianna Chant

    Siren? Faerie? Others?

    This is a very late response, but is there a problem with the RP on jenova? All my rp is on Jenova, and I'm curious what your experience has been
  8. Kieron Lohengrin

    LF Friends, Adventures, and More!

    welcome \o
  9. Kieron Lohengrin

    New on the Scene (Goblin, maybe Mateus?)

    You can stay on Goblin with your fiancee since world visits will be activated in a few weeks. Once that happens then all of Crystal will become the de facto RP datacenter.
  10. Hello~! I recently got into FFXIV and am in absolute love with the RP scene in Mateus! I have been RPing for about 10 years, but something about FFXIV is so fresh and interesting. My character, Airi Shyv, needs more connections. Here is a bit about her: Airi does not know much about where she came from. She was found as an infant inside a weapons crate ordered by the infamous Shyv family deep inside the Black Shroud. As someone raised by Keepers of the Moon, she does not know anything about her heritage. She was initially trained as a White Mage under the guidance of her bigger sister, Tiri Shyv. However, it was quickly realized that she had an affinity for dark magic instead, and thus began to walk down the path of a Black Mage. As a part of her training under the mysterious Shyv family, Airi was cast away alongside her brother Sizi Shyv to undergo rigorous training outside the darkness of the Black Shroud. Age: 21 Birthdate: 6th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon Zodiac: Menphina Orientation: Heterosexual Likes: Stars, cold, swimming Dislikes: Warmth, hugs, sweets My discord is Shyvir#2917 if you would like to contact me. You could also add me in game as Airi Shyv if that works for you! If you want to get to know Airi a bit more, here is a link to her carrd information. I can't wait to get started! I hope to hear from some of you soon!
  11. Shyvir

    New on the Scene (Goblin, maybe Mateus?)

    Welcome! If you decide to come to Mateus, I'd love to RP with you! I highly recommend making the switch. I created a character on Mateus from a small server and have no regrets. It's very active here and everyone is so friendly. I hope to see you!
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  13. The Black Healer

    Discord Server for Discord Rp!

    I wasn't sure where to post this but....I've just set up a discord server for exactly what the title says: discord rps! Of course it doesn't all have to be in the public channels that I created but at the very least it could help bridge contacts together who might not have enough time to get in game or be comfortable with doing so. You can mingle with others as it grows, pm them or strike up a story in the public channels! I've done my best to include as many things as I could to make it easier to operate in the server so if there's anything you'd like to see in it, please tell me! I also wouldn't mind having a moderator to help me run it. That aside...here's the link for those interested! https://discord.gg/y5UhQxQ
  14. Nero


    The Au Ra shrugged again, seemingly in exasperation. "As I said, I doubt you would appreciate the nuance. Let us simply call him a prisoner, then, since I believe that's all the terminology you need to understand. He entered our temple and there is no indication that he will ever be let out ever again, for as long as the sun endures. The keystone did--does--preserve our people, but his life and the lives of others are the price. Simply put, taking the keystone will save him, and others." "And I presume you have a plan for accomplishing that, or you wouldn't be out here," Ashur observed somewhat sardonically. He didn't know this 'Kasrjin' and wasn't really interested in tribal politics. He was just glad that the conversation was now on something that actually mattered, whether they wanted to admit it or not. "Of a sorts. Hence why I was looking for mercenaries. Your...motivations make you especially compelling choices for employment." The shape the Xaela's lips curled into couldn't precisely be called a smile; it was an unnerving facsimile of one.
  15. I'm also going to add this on now that others have brought it up to me; character-wise, I'm extremely flexible and like to play all kinds of characters. I'm not intending to bring Gentle Shadow back unless I gut out his personality and rewrite it anyway, since it's been way too long since I've played him, but the character I play is pretty negotiable. Nowadays I like to try and mold a character who can at least work with the group I join, rather than making whatever and just trying to jam them in wherever I think they might fit.
  16. Hey! I'm recently returning and I'd like to know if anyone's interested in joining a Nature-focused Free Company. I've seen nothing but Technology, ERP, Dragons, and Voidsent on Mateus so far so I think something more Nature focused would do Eorzea good. I have yet to decide on specifics, server wise, as it would be way easier to get a House on Zalera, but Mateus is where my characters currently are. That being said, the FC would have both Light Nature and Dark Nature themes and be focused primarily in and around Gridania. The general theme, in a sentence, is "Nature is good, but good is not nice". That is, in longer terms, Nature is the driving force of life, goodness, and rightness in the world, but that it is not soft, meek, and malleable to other's whims. In terms of D&D alignment, the guild is Neutral Good because it hosts all good alignments (with a peppering of neutrals), not because it is inactive but good. The group will be home to crusaders and freedom fighters alike, and though they won't always see eye to eye on everything, they should agree that what they're doing is best for nature and the natural order. Finally, all facets of nature are encompassed, even the dark and icky-looking ones. Spiders and brambles are parts of nature too, no matter how much people don't want them to be, and they serve their purpose just as any other animal and plant. There will be no shaming of darker looking themes--bog witches are welcomed into the fold as much as verdant knights and wide-eyed conjurers. It might be easier to imagine the group as a Magic: The Gathering card, with a Green Primary and White and Black Secondaries. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing feedback from all of you!
  17. Tregarde

    New Characters (Tokyo / 5.0 Spoilers)

    No plans to change or create new characters. Other than I'll be trying out the new classes.
  18. Kieron Lohengrin

    New Characters (Tokyo / 5.0 Spoilers)

    So who else is planning to roll alts for / Fantasia into First shard toons?
  19. Hey there, guys/girls/etc. I'm Noka. I used to play a long time ago under the name Gentle Shadow, my old Hellsguard who I still love quite a bit. I made several characters beyond just Gentle, but I can admit that I wasn't very socially active beyond my friendgroup back then, so I don't know if many people would recognize that. I've really missed the scene, I had a lot of fun, but whenever I try and play solo, I just end up getting anxious instead of making friends how I WANT to, so, y'know, forum posts, right? Path of least resistance? Ha. Ha ha. Okay, self-deprecation aside, I'm really looking to make some friends in literally any server. The World Visit thing means I could do as I like, so I'm not very nervous, but I'm basically going to just get a character transfer over to whatever server has people I really want to hang with. (I also have at least one character on most of the popular servers, if I remember right, so I can just convert them to the characters I want to play if being transfer-blocked is still a thing!) As to my general RP experience: I've got 10 years of RP experience under my belt; I'm a literate RPer, but I'm usually very flexible. I give back what I get with the right hooks, and I try and make my posts descriptive, concise, and easy to read. I have a sweet tooth for gay male romance, where I get really invested in that, but I've weaned myself off of obsessing over that and I like to RP in general these days. Writing is just a really fun hobby for me. I will also admit I pretty much exclusively played Hellsguard, though I'm considering TRYING to ease myself into other races, too... However, I will say my narrative voice is prone to not taking things seriously - or, well, more sounding like an observer being snarky. I think a little levity in the tone of an RP is more fun, you know? If all of that sounds good by you, go ahead and hit me up. I'm really hoping to find a friendgroup to play the game with and just.. have fun with! Especially now that Shadowbringers is coming soon. Discord: Noka#7501 EDIT: Also realized I should mention - my free times are 5pm-12pm CST on weekdays and like all day weekends. I'm pretty available!
  20. Uranami Onsen's Happy Hour opens in about thirty minutes! Half off all amenities.
  21. (All credit for pic to the amazing MabyMin) Time Zone: CST Server:Balmung RP Methods: IG or Discord (Hufflepug#5984) How to Contact Me: Discord is the best medium Looking for:Romance/Work/Connections RP Type: I'm comfortable with all genres and plots. IC Information: Matthias (Matty) Wilder was once a well respected First Lieutenant in the Maelstrom and was present and played his role well in the Carteneau Flats. As is the case with most battles he was grievously wounded. He returned home and was promptly discharged from service. He tells anyone who asks that it was his ailments that caused his discharge though this is not at all the case. At present he is jobless and homeless, scrounging through rubbish for his next meal and sleeping in the streets. Personality wise, his circumstances have left him cynical, skeptical and altogether rude. He has seen how others treat those lesser than them and this has discolored his perception of everyone in general. He no longer cares to help others for the sake of helping and will do any task that pays him. OOC Information: Hey there! Most people call me Shugo as that is my main! I've been playing FFXIV since A Realm Reborn released. I've RPed on a wide variety of mediums and have about 15 years of experience doing it. I'm a mother of 2 located in CST with a full time job! Matty is an alt but I do dedicate an equal amount of time among my characters. I respond best on Discord and I'm also open to RP on discord. I LIVE FOR PLOTTING AND PREVIOUS CONNECTIONS. There really is nothing I love more than plotting. I'm a very open person and I love talking about pop culture and anything in general! Please don't hesitate to ping me if you're interested!
  22. Kieron Lohengrin

    Tokyo Fanfest

    tiem 4 shardjumping finally get to visit the 2005 tech demo and ingame florida non-healing DNC to go with non-tanking SAM Lali-ho too much light = bad / too much dark = bad SMT-style dichotomy confirmed zipperbelts 8man raid incoming god bless BLUFever leaks
  23. Tregarde

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    New full trailer:
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  25. Roen


    Roen stared at the Xaela. There was a lot to process, and she wasn’t sure where to begin. “What do you mean by… held?” She didn’t like that term at all, monument or no. But that wasn’t all. She too shook her head, for an entirely different sentiment. “Kasrjin risked his life to bring that keystone back. And… you have no problem letting us us take it?” This was clearly not the norm for the tribe, that much was obvious. The Xaela even said the others of her kind would object. “Exactly what happened to Kasrjin?” Her eyes were narrowed, with both a hint of concern but also confusion. “And why is it that you are willing to help us take something from your tribe, that he claimed would save your people?”
  26. Roen

    The Art of Cigarettes and Fireflies

    "Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. " ― Rob Siltanen Commission: The Misfits By: 7teal7 I wanted to commission a portrait of Nabi and her friends! I thought this came out fantastic. Individual portraits below! While I love the line up, I really like the details in each close up. Ghoa Mankhad: The Seducer Anchor Saltborn: The Confederate Nabi Kharlu: The Healer Akhutai Khatayin: The Grump Shael Stormchild: The Smuggler
  27. Kittenfish

    Urning for an end

    Meara is gettin
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