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  2. Thanks again, Valence! I saw you comment on my other post too. I have been on hiatus for well over a year, and I forgot that tidbit of lore. I am going to try to see if I can find videos for the arcanist's & mechanist's quest chains so I can properly read over all the NPC and quest text to verify the integrity of my lore knowledge before I start RPing and make a fool of myself.
  3. @Nebbs, that's the approach I was going to take. But I just wanted to make sure that technically having the IC skills of two separate fields of study is acceptable in FFXIV. I'm in Pathfinder and I try to refrain from ever using class terms ICly. I know that classes/jobs (especially in FFXIV) are just fighting styles, primarily. In FFXIV, not every man who holds a sword and shield is bound to be a paladin or a gladiator, though theoretically there are some striking similarities for everyone who holds it. In this case, the character would actually have worked at Ishgard's gun factories and the Arcanist's university. Technically, had this character before and RPed him much the same way - but I was a light RPer back then and after a 1 year hiatus I want to get back in with Med/Heavy RP this time. @Valence I have no intention of going all out ultimate multiclass bad RPer style. I remember a guy back on WOW named Knight who leveled 1 of every class to max level and RPed as being literally everything. Great guy, but very questionable RP. That is not at all my intention here. I just feel a man dedicated to science/magitek would happily study the dualistic fields of technology and magical knowledge. Plus, I was thinking of in his youth having something about helping a parent do some knitting, or his father talking about ore mining so he has some small degree of knowledge in one of those fields (one - definitely not both). Fleshing it out naturally. My mother IRL is involved in HVAC, so I know a little more than some other people about it. I also have a friend who works in an HVAC field, and I know nothing compared to him. My character's current IC goal would be something along the lines of scouring Nym to find more knowledge of the Scholars and fairies - as Ishgardian Chirurgeons could probably use the help. Probably. Thanks for the answers and advice, Nebbs & Valence! Really appreciate it! Unrelated question... are there any good RP hubs on Mateus in Ishgard?
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  5. Nebbs

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    Almost like they pounced when Blizzard fell?
  6. Dwassyith Swanra

    [Balmung / Mateus / Omega] Rajal Akeem

    Character Name: Rajal Akeem Character Age: He looks around mid-twenties, perhaps a tad older. Character Gender: Male. Character Race: Judging by his physical features, Seeker. Character Profession: Officially? A gardener. Un-officially? Something else... Character Residence: He is seen often loitering in and out a building in the outskirts of Ul'dah. [Character Background & Personality] This is something I am going to leave for IC discovery. I prefer to let everything - or almost everything - about my character to be found out through IC interaction to preserve a feeling of fresh surprise and spontaneous interaction. His background, personal story and even personality can be explored by simply engaging him ICly through a walk-up approach. [Possible RP Hooks] Alley Lurker: Rajal is often seen loitering in the filthiest and less reccomendable alleys of Ul'dah, talking with a myriad of individuals - albeit what's behind such low-toned conversations, remains unknown. At times, he is seen exchanging money with rags-clad inhabitants, in the most worn down corners of the city. Ever so fleeting, his presence never lingers for too long. [Dark / Mature themes involved] Desert Loiterer: The verdant-eyed Seeker often crosses the threshold of the Ul'dahnian walls to head into the desert - at times for hours, other times for days. The man can be spotted transporting wares in and out of the gates. It is not unusual to catch his fleeting presence in trading outposts built around oasis. Jobs-giver: It is rumoured that Rajal is not a stranger to pay 'volunteers' to do something for him. At times he is seen tagging along, other times, he does not. One thing is for sure: the kind of tasks he gives out, are not the kind one can find pinned on the bulletin board. The black-skinned Seeker does not speak openly about them either. Non-Tribal Miqo'te: It is word of mouth that Rajal doesn't share any roots with his former tribe. Thus, he might not have the common notions of tribal customs, behaviour or religious beliefs. The reasons why he appears to be so detached from his biological family ties is not commonly known and might have to get investigated. --- How To Approach? -- You can approach him freely without asking me for pre-emptive consent, whenever you see him loitering in Ul'dah! Walk-ups are my favourite! You can also contact me on Discord, I'm always up for a chat: Dwassyith#1278 I don't have any Wiki / Tumblr profiles and I don't plan on making them as a personal choice.
  7. Elaine Laurent


    What do we become when we lose our way? Are we truly lost or are we merely a plaything of the Fates, little more than leaves upon the fickle winds of Time? Who do we become when everything we are can no longer be? I don’t have the answers. I likely never will. My life as I knew it ended when one of Nidhogg’s brood tore me out of the sky. I knew it was over as the wyrm’s great jaws hew through sinew and bone, destroying the very hallmark of a dragoon’s way of combat. I didn’t wake until some days later; chirurgeons and healers alike lamenting their inability to restore my legs to their former glory. I’d be able to walk, slowly, but I would never again embrace the air. I fell into despondency; not only had I failed my brothers-in-arms, but I had failed my country. I felt nothing but shame, humiliation at having been taken out of the fight so early in my career. The Dragonsong War came to an end – and I had nothing to do with it. What little solace I could find was discovered in the Scholasticate. If I could not fight dragons, then I would at least study them so as to know them better than any. It was little comfort, but it was better than nothing. Better than cloistering myself off in my room as I tried futilely to will the strength back to my legs. Once, I was the pride of my family, but now my parents barely look at me out of shame and discomfort. There was no future for me here; no future for me in Ishgard. I had nothing more to give. I don’t know why I decided to leave, save to spare my parents their continued grief. All I know is that there is a path that lies before me that I am unsure if I want to tread…
  8. My advice is don't be a job or class, be a character. Be a person that has some life experience and some skills first and then associate yourself to one of the class/job/guild ways of life while not being defined by it.
  9. Keep in mind that jobs are rare and often forgotten jobs. Some more than others. Some are pretty common in the far east but still gated behind various things like social status (samurai) and secrecy (shinobi). Some are even illegal (blm, whm). Some are just starting to be discovered (mch) or rediscovered (smn, brd, etc). Some are just left among a handful of survivors or practitioners (monk, drg), or just one survivor (rdm). Being the practitioner of a job, can be a rare thing, depending on the job. Two of them...? All of them? Warrior of Light material. THE WoL. Not the 1.0 WoLs. Classes are very common though. Then it's mostly a matter of believably. How much time do you think it takes to master swords, katanas, daggers, polearms, unarmed combat and martial arts, a wide array of different magic sciences..? Depends on what everyone considers believable or not here.
  10. As Skae said it, it greatly increases the speed at which you learn things. The crystal mentors you and feeds you new knowledge every time it feels you growing, and not only that, makes you literally feel and hear and listen to past experience from other users through various forms. However a lot of jobs require a crystal to work either properly, or not at all: - BLM: partial requirement, you can still cast standard black and thaumaturgic magic, but for the most powerful spells, you'll just cook yourself from the inside and die horribly without one. - MCH: complete requirement, it provides the link between your own aether and the aetheroconverter (your glam lunchbox). - SCH: complete requirement for the fairy iirc. - WhM: hard to tell considering how the crystal is handed to us in the job story. - AST: at least partial requirement not to lose all power.
  11. Maril

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    I was blown out of the water with hype for this. Like, I didn't really expect much to be revealed, but damn, it's like they're just trying to give us everything we ever wanted.
  12. Kieron Lohengrin

    Multiple Jobs/Classes? Public opinions wanted!

    Class changes are established in canon. Tataru does it several times in the MSQ, as does Thancred. The latest expac trailer hammers it home even further with Derplander. That being said, the question is how adept do you want your character to be known at different skillsets? Some players have every DoW/DoM/DoL leveled to 70 but still have their toon act IC like they have only one vocation. My toon doesn't introduce himself as a DRK/SAM/MNK, but others know him as someone with a reasonable amount of skill at using either katanas or greatswords, and a family background of a grandfather who was a Fist of Rhalgr. So he's decent at punching and swords, with an IC flavor of using both in combat. He's no doctor or wizard, though - he asks others for their respective expertise in those fields. Then speaking from the DM viewpoint, whenever a player asks me if they can try something from their field of expertise, I always allow the attempt - but I'm under no obligation to tell them the DC of what they're trying, or to hint that only a pure expert could do it. It will vary from clique to clique, but, for example, the healer who establishes himself as the healer who runs a clinic all day or is a combat medic for one of the Grand Companies, seems much more deserving of plausibility than someone who's 70 WHM on the side but never brings it up until that super special moment.
  13. Main purpose of a soul crystal is to let learn your job far more rapidly than you could have otherwise. Doing so in months rather than years. Or years rather than decades. In some cases (Black Mage) having a Soul Crystal also helps by preventing you from killing yourself when trying to learn how to manipulate the magical energies. There is no reason you couldn't learn how to be a Scholar from another Scholar even without a sould crystal. You would learn much slower though, and since you can't have been studying for long due to how recently Scholars were reintroduced in Eorzea, you'd be little more than an apprentice though.
  14. Stop! You violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.
  15. I want to play a character who is a Mechanist and an Arcanist/Scholar, and potentially adept (not great, but tolerably not terrible) at perhaps a single gathering profession or crafting one. Fluff is that he is an Ishgardian Mechanist who loves tech/magitek and wants to pursue ancient civilizations' knowledge to drive modern tech forward. To that end, he studies Garleans and Allagan technologies, and Nym magics. Once Ishgard signed on with the Alliance, he became an adventurer for Ishgard and signed up under their banner and became an Arcanist to acquire arcane knowledge which may have applicable use for his work. I have a little experience with WOW RP. Back on WOW, the general consensus was "Don't do it", but FFXIV obviously leans towards a more... versatile approach on a class basis. On WOW, the IC Shaman typically focused on one element. If he focused on multiple elements, typically it was considered he wasn't a master of any, but may be very skilled with 2 or even 3. I am curious - if I have the fluff for it, are multiple classes/jobs acceptable? And is the above a generally acceptable fluff reason to do it? More importantly, in the event I get involved in an IC fight (probably with a person), is it acceptable to use 2 weapons at once if reasonable? For example, could I either enchant my spellbook to follow me around while I use both of my hands on a pistol so I can both shoot and have access to my spells a moment later (or alternatively just have a pistol in one hand and the book in the other, though I understand the issues with books requiring 2 hands to accurately change pages and get where you need to go, and guns needing 2 hands to reload), rather than the mechanic of being forced to draw only 1 class/job's weapons at a time? Another application of this would be - can I have my turret and faerie/carbuncle out at the same time from an IC perspective? Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? Emotional outbursts? I want to hear them all!
  16. Soul Crystals. My understanding is they're effectively the knowledge of past people that you can use their soul crystal to learn their knowledge. An imprint/predisposition towards the knowledge, if you would. It teaches the wielder the basic skills of the individual whose soul crystal it was in life, and allows the wielder to rapidly develop correlated skills. To that end, I want to clarify, one does not need a soul crystal to be a job, correct? Or in other words, if I say my character were to have learned Scholarly pursuits from another Scholar who did have a Soul Crystal (or perhaps my mentor even let me borrow the soul crystal from time to time to observe it that way to enhance my own knowledge) it would be fully possible to be an IC Scholar without actually having a soul crystal in my possession... correct? http://kilieit.tumblr.com/post/159315531877/just-how-obscure-is-that-job-crystal-in-lore I found a great post that helps dictate how hard it is to come by certain soul crystals, but I am more-so curious about the viability of playing as a job (or similar enough to be identified as that job by insiders to the profession) without a soul crystal. I am fully aware it would take more time and effort to learn it without a soul crystal, and thus unless I acquire my own later in RP I'd likely be inferior ICly to other Scholars who actually have an IC crystal. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Ideas? Happy to hear all of the above!
  17. Reaper

    A New Server, A New Start

    Swapping from Balmung to Mateus since new friends can no longer join me on Balmung anymore. Or will be, once my game re-installs! Been off for a little over a year now. MMORPG background WOW, GW2, GW (the original one), Black Desert Online, and a few others! RP experience RP on both Guild Wars 2 & World of Warcraft. Years of experience on WOW on both Moonguard & Wyrmrest Accord. Character ideas/info Sylvir, an Ishgardian Elezen. A firm devout follower of the faith, prior to the faith being virtually proved false. He still holds some degree of distrust towards Au'ra and dragonkind, but does what he can for his people. He has faith in the mission of the Mechanists and their goal to use technology to turn war in their favor. After seeing the works of the Garleans he became fascinated with furthering the technology of his people and has been focused on mixing his knowledge of technology with the Alliance's knowledge of magic. He has therefore joined the Arcanists and has been studying both the path of technology and arcane knowledge side-by-side. He continually strives to learn about ancient civilizations and their various application of magic and, where applicable, technology - hoping to use inspiration and knowledge of the past to drive the future. How did you learn about the coalition? Google, about a year and a half ago or so. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Med/Heavy. Used to be Heavy military RPer in WOW, and as a military RPer virtually any fight I was in was IC. Was always amusing in the most recent expansion to help a player kill an enemy faction player before shouting, "Victory or death!" or other similar things. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) Being an insurance salesman means my phone may ring during RP and I may unfortunately have to leave because of that. Likewise, in the late evenings my wife is prone to seizures (we nor doctors are quite sure why they're always in the late evenings) which may also take up my time if that happens. Sorry in advance to anyone I upset or bother by having to drop out of RP at the drop of a hat! That aside, I enjoy tactical miniature games like Warhammer 40k, RTS games like Warcraft/Starcraft and more recently Warhammer Total War. I also enjoy Pathfinder (which is like D&D 3.5, but better - sorry to those who love D&D 3.5!).
  18. Reaper

    Funny story

    I come from WOW, and have a character on Balmung. Due to the nature of legacy servers, I think I'll be swapping to Mateus. It's a different beast from forum RP as unlike forum RP it's an established world with existing lore. Alike to forum RP, however, the universe is ever-expanding! There are a few things you want to avoid, coming from forum RP. Chief among them are god modding and creating excessive new lore (it is okay to do this within reason!). 1.) https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=god modding 2.) It's okay to say you're from some country in an unknown/undisclosed part of the world. It is not okay to create a new race that's not in-game (like let's say Viera from FF12) and act as though they are in fact in the world. That said, those are probably the two biggest things that anger people (oh, and a lack of proper grammar... but you have that on lock down). So long as you're careful about stepping on people's toes, a great way to meet people is visiting the local drinking establishments in larger cities. You can join Linkshells or Free Companies either In-Character or Out of Character to help you meet other RPers, which can help you in turn find other ways to meet new people! While I'm just returning after a very long hiatus, feel free to let me know if there's any way I can assist, or if there are any questions I can answer!
  19. Reaper

    Time to get to work

    I'm new to FFXIV RP, but coming from WOW the best thing to do is to look in bars in main cities! Typically, the people there have community based groups you can get involved in for RP. Might be able to join a FC or LS that's OOC that's just for helping co-ordinate RP. Furthermore, they can tell you about big RP spots! I know on the server I'm on (which I'm trying to swap from to Mateus) had a specific public-access apartment that there were generally 4-8 people in at any moment RPing since it had a bar-like feel, but I learned about it from encountering people RPing in the inn in the new content (sorry, it's been a while since I've played - reinstating my time some time tonight or later this week!) who told me about it!
  20. Yesterday
  21. Sahra Rahsa

    Time to get to work

    Actually, you know what-- I do have a question. Given that it's a newbie question, this thread's likely as good as any. I'm new to RP in general. How do I find other groups where I can participate and gain experience? In looking through the lists of Mateus FCs on this site, I think I'd need to gain some experience somewhere else before attempting to contact any of those groups; otherwise, it'll be a bad time for everyone.
  22. Sahra Rahsa

    Time to get to work

    Hi; it's Sahra. I'm an engineer, and I'm looking forward to building new friendships here. Building! Hah! Hah... hah... Anyway, good to be here. Look for me on Mateus. No, seriously; look me up, send me a tell.
  23. Khaine

    Garlean Loyalist/Military RP

    Thank you both for your support. If there are any interested parties please reach out to me here or via Discord. Firecage#0529 or join our Discord https://discord.gg/TZ3GMP3
  24. Lucius Volturcius

    Garlean Loyalist/Military RP

    Would love to see this! My character is a defector, so he'd probably get some nice conflict. :3
  25. LiadansWhisper

    Garlean Loyalist/Military RP

    I don't play a Garlean, but I wish you luck in your endeavor! I hope you find lots of people interested!
  26. Hello fellow RPers, I am here fishing to see if there is an interest in a Garlean Military style Free Company/Linkshell. If there is enough demand for such a thing amongst our Community be it making an alt or body alt for such a thing I would gladly start what I have begun to lay the groundwork for, such as obtain an FC house and lay a few foundational things for but before I get ahead of myself I wanted to see what you our community think. Listed below are a few things that one could come to expect should this come to fruition as an FC/LS, it would be a Castrum/Military base stationed in Ilsabard but unlike most bases, this would be home to civilians and families being home to a commissary and residential area. The kinds of events that would be hosted are as follows. Keep in mind this is just a rough outline and idea. Military Operations: - Airship battles. - Breaching and/or Extraction scenarios. - Dealing with rogue factions, or rebellion. - Conquering Towns/Villages/Areas for Empire Control. Casual Events: - Poker night in the barracks - Marksmen/Combat Competitions - Balls/Ceremonies Training: - Lessons covering militum combat styles and legion tactics. - Standard decorum; perhaps drills or general classes covering how to address peers and superiors, as well as how to behave on a daily basis. - Combat scenarios where the troops play either side alternately, learning how each group would think and act in the instance.
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