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    Bonjour, Alex, et bienvenue!
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    Hello everyone! I recently discovered there is a cool Role Play community within Eorzea is and i can't wait to meet each and everyone of you! Mons Ster is my name and i am a Hrothgar from Exodus. I usually speak french, so talking to you in english is sometimes difficult so dont ask yourself why my sentences may look weird. J'ai hâte de jouer avec vous!
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  5. Let's also not forget the words of Yoshida. If your character believes it can be done, why let someone else say it can't be done? It's more important to have fun in a fantasy game *thumbs up*
  6. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/b7abafa8d54/ Every item in game exists in lore, per SE. The only items, to my knowledge, that they said are purely meta are fantasias. Do with this knowledge as you will.
  7. Primals are essentially concentrated aether given a physical form; when defeated, the aether disperses back into the world and the primal's spirit returns to the aetherial realm. If you've completed the patch 2.3 main story quests, you can watch cutscene #2 for "What Little Gods Are Made Of" for the in-game explanation (or watch it on YouTube). As such, it's unlikely that a piece might "break off" and retain its shape on its own after the primal's defeat. However, looking at items obtain from desynthesizing the blade, we can find fire clusters ("A large crystalline mani
  8. Redesigned / amended outdated information to become more relevant to the current on-going story of the guild!
  9. So I'm looking for a little advice as I work on a non-WoL backstory. How unreasonable would it be for someone to have found a broken off piece of a primal (maybe from a battle) and fashion it into a weapon without thinking much of that origin? Cause I know other people have defeated them before. And the primal in question I'm thinking of is ifrit and he mistakenly finds a piece of Ifrit, thinking it's an amalj'aa horn, and makes it into a blade (very gruesome but work with me for a moment). Right now it wouldn't do anything except give me the excuse of keeping the ifrit sword in hi
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    Lavender Beds, Ward 3, Plot 33 Rating: Mature The AegisHalloween Ball is THIS THURSDAY!! Dress to impress in your best Halloween costumes! There will be a costume contest with up to 3 mil gil as a prize and live music, and a DJ playing fun Halloween tracks, as well as give aways of mogstation items and in game items! RP if you like or just be yourself! We hope you can join us for a little fun for Halloween! Category: Celebration Contacts: Solinde Khos'rael
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  12. Hi there! After a long break from FFXIV RP I decided to come back. My god, it's lonely. I'm after making contacts / friends / enemies / frenemies with a new character, Aden Fey. About Aden: Aden is a hyuran midlander, Ishgardian born and raised at the Foundation level. After losing his parents at a young age he was raised by the Ishgardian clergy, and, of course, growing up in an institution at the time of the Dragonsong War was not ideal. Or healthy. Abuse was rife within the institution, and as result, Aden lost a lot of his emotional capacity. Essentially, he di
  13. Welcome to Mateus! If you're looking for an FC still or just want to roleplay shoot me a message or stop by my little shop in the Mist.
  14. Join Uranami Onsen’s staff for a laid back evening at the Onsen to ring in All Saints Wake! We will have an All Saints Wake Costume Contest, Music, Drinks & Fare, Games, Fortunes + Fun! Soak in the baths, drink our Witches’ Brew and strut your stuff on stage! We will be open for a 3hr special this week so be sure to stop by! Location: Mist; w15/p5! Server: Mateus Date: Friday Oct. 30th Time: 8PM Pacific-11PM Pacific Activities: ALL SAINTS WAKE GAMES, FORTUNES, PUMPKIN-MURDERING, MUSIC & MORE! Costume Contest: 9pm Pacific 1st: Character Art-Bust 2nd: Pr
  15. Hasorin, if you come back to see this, or if anyone on this site can get a hold of Hasorin, please tell him to read his IMs here. Thank you.
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    Looking for something a little more relaxed, more low key, a bit more... Restful? Come to Gaelicat's Rest new weekly tea service! All dressed up for All Saints, the Rest is excited to receive you. Hear spooky stories! Try one of our variety of hot tea flavors, delicious desserts, and, newly added bubble tea! Take a dip in our baths, enjoy our full service spa packages! You've never had a Rest like this! Gaelicat's Rest! Lavender Beds, Ward 13 Plot 58 (Mateus) https://gaelicatsrest.carrd.co
  17. Welcome to ffxiv rp! Hopefully we run into each other some time!
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    https://xiv.page.link/KcRA Goblet Ward 14 Plot 2 Rating: Teen It's officially Nightmare's End: Cuchrain's Reign. Head to our Rabanastran tavern and participate in a costume contest, games with prizes, and optional raffle (Night Pegasus Whistle, worth 10mil+, tickets @200k gil). Learn a little more Dalmascan lore, Halloween style! Category: Celebration Contacts: Tumelo Zertinan@Zalera, faynish#7408
  19. I've been playing FFXIV on and off for a while now and I wanted to make an effort to be more social for the sake of my mental health. I am an utter beginner when it comes to the RP scene but I have read up on it. From what I read, light RP sounds more up my alley. Truth be told, I switch between 4 different characters from time to time but they are all on Zalera at the moment. I hope this is okay. I'm not going to go too deep on introducing them here, but I wanted to start somewhere and see how it pans out. Here are my characters: 1. Name: Nokri Eshket (Pronounced knoc
  20. The Theme has changed! Nastrond has become more at one with its noble roots, turning into a military force protecting the Houses values more directly. See updated changes in the initial post!
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    https://xiv.page.link/8jua Location: Central Thanalan (22, 27) Rating: Teen What better way to celebrate All Saints' Wake by hurling gourds with mechanical monstrosities? Join the Bellworks Manufacturing Company in a seasonal celebration with all your favorite events and something unique: Punkin Chunkin! Teams of creatives will build catapults and cannons with the goal of launching a pumpkin as far as it will go! For more details, check out the Carrd attached! Category: Celebration Contacts: Brave Horizon@Balmung, Victoria Castle@Balmung, Norhi Morovine@Balmung, Mad Water#3689
  22. Hi, Spellsie. Welcome aboard!
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    https://xiv.page.link/LoKB Shirogane Ward 2, Plot 24 Rating: Mature Come down to Twilight Tavern's Bar Night to have a drink, meal, and share a story via RP! Category: Bar/Tavern Contacts: SaranaiDalamiq
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    https://xiv.page.link/Sy8D Shirogane, Ward 16, Plot 7 Rating: Mature Dark Crimson Tavern opens its doors every Friday, come enjoy a drink, musical entertainment and of course, the fight pits! With leaderboards, seasons and prizes. And a betting system so you can lose all that hard-earned Gil on the fighters, or come out loaded. Category: Fighting Club/Tournament Contacts: Boen Dark (Mateus), Atheza Vipre (Mateus), Erisamuna Draconi (Coeurl), Keldion Aergwilf ( Balmung)
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    Mist, Ward 17, Plot 59 Rating: Teen Phoenix Down RP's FC fundraiser and tavern night in celebration of All Saints' Wake! We're having a raffle for great prizes including the Gabriel Alpha mount! Category: Celebration Contacts: Elyria Silverberg
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    Lavender Beds Ward 19, Plot 35 Rating: Teen The Casino &Lounge reopens with the theme of All Saints Wake! We'll be hosting a costume contest with gil prizes and a store prize for the staff's favorite costume, and the lounge is converting into a (g)host club for the evening, allowing some more roleplay between our staff and patrons to keep you company!Come be spooky with us! Category: Gambling/Gaming Contacts: Ifrelle Viras@Mateus, Khomatose#1562
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    https://xiv.page.link/PGT1 The Goblet, Ward 16, Plot 4 Rating: Teen This year we’re putting those creatures to work to bring you ‘The Golden Whisker’s Magitek-no Circus, a night of malicious frivolity for any souls brave enough to join us! Those who know us might expect more tricks than treats, but rest assured there will be both in equal measure with an exclusive All Saints’ Wake drink menu, a buffet in our marvelous upstairs lounge, and even fortune-telling! Category: Celebration Contacts: Silent Veil (in game) Silent#7777
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    https://xiv.page.link/3Wod Goblet, Ward 24, Plot 5 Rating: Teen Joyful Healing Clinic & Spa is open to patients and visitors for healing and relaxation in the themed spa baths. Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the baths. Donations welcome but not required. Category: Other Contactrs: Zhalar Soulsong (Mateus)/Zhalar#6430 (Discord)
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