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  2. Hello! Thanks for coming on by, wanted to give a bit of information about myself!! My name is Foxglove but some like to call me Nana as well so either one is fine! I play FFXIV mainly for the role play and the communities that I have managed to become a part of throughout my time, I've meet some pretty grand people and treasure each and one of them.

    I just recently got into the housing commission scene and have set up a website for that along with all the characters I am currently playing!! Please check it out for more information and contacting purposes!!

    Foxglove FFXIV

    Foxglove Logo2.png

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  4. Hello! I have a fully new RP character that I am hoping to find those who would be interested in interactions and creating fun plots with one another. Name: Leila Valnain Nameday: 1552 Sixth Astral Era Gender: Female Race: Veena Occupation: Adventurer Homeland: Dalmasca Looking for: °~° Fellow adventurers to go on journeys together and explore dungeons °~°Casual meet n' greets that are more on the tame side of life in FFXIV °~°A strong bond whether it is for friends, enemies, loved ones, etc. °~°Job opportunities to work as partners/contractor/worker °~°Dr
  5. ・゜・゚✧・゜・゚Leila Valnain・゜・゚✧・゜・゚ The cheerful knight ready to seek her adventure! Art by Aniemswork ʚ♡ɞ Character Sheet ʚ♡ɞ Race: Viera (Veena) Age: 20 Gender: Female Nameday: 1552 Sixth Astral Era Height: 6ft. 2 inches Weight: 195 lb. Orientation: No Preference Main Class: Knight Occupation: Adventurer (Odd jobs) Homeland: Dalmasca ʚ♡ɞ Physical Introduction ʚ♡ɞ One may be greeted by the strawberry complexity of her locks, which brush down her lower back at first introducti
  6. Overall Details Basic Info Characters: Sen'ra Icarios, X'vhett Tia, Jun'a Maahl Primary character: Sen'ra or now honestly Jun'a, pretty evenly Linkshells: -- Primary RP linkshell: -- II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy. I like diving in. Views on RP combat and injuries: With OOC communication and fairness (no godmodding) sure. No death though please and thank you. Views on IC romance: Sure! I enjoy building connections in my characters like that, I just like it to build organically and b
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  8. And hi! I kept waffling back and forth and finally tossing my hat in the ring and start trying to build up some connections and rp. I've been rping since Ye Olden Yahoo User Chatroom days, and got involved rping in MMOs first in LotRO and more adamantly in Rift and it's become a gaming must for me, hahaha. Other games I've been into have been GW2, WildStar(RIP), The Secret World/Secret World Legends, and a wee bit of WoW. I also enjoy forum and ttrpg, so doc and discord rp are fun for me too. My characters thus far for FFXIV are Sen'ra, X'Vhett, and Jun'a--
  9. Additions Crystal 05/15/2021 - Silver Phoenix - Open Mic Night - https://xiv.page.link/b7Wk 05/16/2021 - [M] Fight Night at the Salty Sea-Witch - https://xiv.page.link/Lz4S 05/16/2021 - [M] Crystal Academy of Music - Open Stage Night Light 05/12/2021 - [M] Burning Bird Bar - https://xiv.page.link/KL37 Updates Crystal 05/13/2021 - [M] The Greenhouse (New Location: Mist Ward 22, Plot 31) 05/16/2021 - [M] The Lazy Paissa Bar Social Night (New Time, 7PM United Kingdom Time / 2PM US Eastern, Was: 7PM US Eastern) Primal 05/10/2021 - Crystalline Library & Magic Shop
  10. FFXIV RP Events for the week of 2021.05.10Have an event you want to put on the Calendar? Submit it here or send us an email. This Week's Events: Monday - 5/10/20217:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT - [M] Crown of Dahlia - [Balmung] Lavender Beds Ward 13, Plot 417:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT - Shiokaze Hostelry Popup RP - [Balmung] Kugane (10, 10)7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT - The Little Reunion - [Leviathan] Shirogane Ward 24, Plot 527:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT - Lounge at Reverie - [Mateus] The Goblet Ward 8, Plot 608:00 PM to 12:00 AM EDT - The Chrysalis - [Balmung] Shirogane Ward 16, Plot 78:00 PM to 11:00 PM E
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  12. Hello there, welcome! It's just a grab bag, I suppose. Most RPers are mindful of spoilers and don't incorporate the happenings of the MSQ into their RP much, anyway, but that doesn't go for everyone. It was only last week or so in Pearl Lane on Balmung I saw a couple RPers rehashing the entirety of the MSQ from the two most recent patches out in the open, which seemed... Not Great to do. In general, though, most people are more careful. You could always send a /tell to anyone you're RPing with and just let them know you haven't finished ARR and ask they not spoil anything for you and ask they
  13. Salutations, I thought I'd say hello to the world now that I finally feel ready to. I'm a relatively experienced RPer, back from Google+ days and both playing and being a dungeon master for D&D games the last couple of years. After a few months, I'd like to believe I've gotten to know my character on a more personal level... but I've yet to know Eorzea in such a way. FFXIV is my first dip in the bucket of Final Fantasy lore, and I've done many things far and wide save for actually going through the MSQ like a bullet train just because I feel like it's a more natural pace for Slylence. I wa
  14. A gentle breeze rolls across the path in front of you, carrying a tattered flyer on its draft. If picked up, the worn parchment would read rather eloquently given the contents of the writing. Grim Dealings A small mercenary type of business that's been licensed by the Adventurer's Guild and operates all over Eorzea but is based out of Gridania at the moment. The group primarily specializes in Bounty Hunting but offers a few other services as well. Bodyguard/Protection Monster Hunting Treasure Hunting The group can even be hired on
  15. Hafgrim is the owner and one half of the duo who runs Grim Dealings. Together, the two provide a range of services, for a fee of course. Inquire within for an in depth look at what the two offer.

  16. Greetings! I was looking around here and found that the link to your Carrd isn't working.
  17. Just wanted to take a moment to share what our Fan Festival week is going to look like for our Free Company! Due to it being Fan Fest Week we are planning on doing some fun events with everyone (This week we all should just leave time to do more open RP and one week away from planned stuff may be warranted with the injuries) Monday @ 8pm Eastern Time we will gather together and do a Photo shoot for the Fan Fest Group shot Wednesday @ 7pm Eastern Time - The Free Companies Band will get together (with who they can) and we'll perform a impromptu session of live music in
  18. Naivah Forrest: https://naivah.carrd.co/ Basics Full Name: Naivah Forrest (Nay-Vah Four-ist) Nickname: Nai (Nay) Race: Hyur/Midlander Gender: Female A Shroud Daughter Trained Among the Sentries in order to be in their ranks and operate as a guide/ranger in the black shroud Profession: Botanist/Tea Maker Guide in the Shroud Server/Hostess at The Golden Lotus Age: 28 Height: 5' 3" Build: Small frame, faintly tone Marital Status: n/a Usually Found: Wandering about the deep shroud, usually looking for
  19. The Emerald Enclave <Druid> is a circle of druids and other nature-loving individuals who work outside of the jurisdiction of the Stillglade Fane and the Twin Adders as a vigilante organisation whose goal is to protect and maintain the balance of the Black Shroud. The druid circle of the enclave is the remnants of a now extinct Keeper of the Moon clan, reformed with a new mission to protect and preserve the balance of Black Shroud and the elementals. Deeply spiritual at the core, the druids are worshippers of the twelve, putting a special focus on Nophica, the elementals, and other spiri
  20. Commission of Rise Kujikawa from the Persona series!
  21. The Big One Botanicals staff wish to invite you to our Flower Hour at the Big One Botanicals at the Onsen! Visit our improved herbery for a relaxing evening. Enjoy a bit of herb or infused beverage in our downstairs lounge or back-room sento. TONIGHT @ 8pm Pacific Location: Mist w15/p5 (3rd Floor Uranami Onsen) Menu: https://bob-rp.carrd.co/
  22. Stitched together rocker babe sketch
  23. Would like to give this a tiny bump. I've been looking into the game again and might like to try getting something going. I am at the tail end of my college semester, so I may have some extra time soon. I'd like to try some slow burn friendships IC that could become more. If interested, please poke me/add via discord. I'm chill and wont bite.
  24. I do a pop up rp on occasion. Tavern and cage matches. Johan seems like they might appreciate it. Next time around I will see if you're around in game!
  25. Another bump! Still looking for contacts for both my characters but currently seeking some particularly for my character Johan. Links for both can be found above or below. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe https://reveltia.carrd.co/# https://johangrieve.carrd.co/
  26. Thank you so much! To add, /u/bulletbill4l on Reddit has a Hingashi font that looks like it was their additions to Eorzea Extended. Eorzea Extended Extended, if you will! The download page has a helpful preview showing its Eorzean parallels to Japanese letters, but I'll attach it here just to be extra super safe. HingashiExtended.ttf
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    Guests of Mimisha Misha and Vinalo Mabunalo are invited to attend the eternal bonding on Saturday, May 22nd at 9:00 PM EDT at Shroudrose Teahouse located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 on the Balmung server. The teahouse will be providing refreshments.
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    Shroudrose Teahouse invites guests of V'anilla Sora to join us for her baby shower celebrating the arrival of her daughter, Sakura Sora, on Friday, May 21st at 6:00 PM EDT at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 on the Balmung server. We will be providing food and drinks for the guests as the hosts offer other activities!
  29. Sketch of a spooky cute mermaid named Naia!
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