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  2. I tend to get very stuck on the "forum celebrity" archetype, which you seem to fit into. In my years among various communities, these types always seem the same personalities, with fancy titles, pretty avatars, large signatures, all those bells and whistles. Perhaps a sign of an inferiority complex on my side, I'm not perfect. Don't take it too personally, if not you, I'd probably get hung up on someone else that fits that description. I might just still be a little salty over the "sorry to hop in but not sorry at all" and "I hope you don't mind" veiled jabs from that other
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  4. You're pretty hung up on me, aren't you? LOL Anyway, if you're concerned about the staff, Merc is here checking on things pretty regularly and responsive to messages. I don't think the site is active enough now to really need a large moderation team.
  5. This didn't age well, did it? Forum seems full of ancient threads now, with the occasional newbie (like myself) arriving and some threads in the whole making connections. But most of it just seems to be random new folks or Faye replying to almost everyone like a one-man show. Where did all the staff go?
  6. Hey there, Bredtoft, welcome! This forum is for general FFXIV RP, not necessarily ERP. You can discuss ERP, but it can't get into anything explicit, and you may not get much feedback here. As for whether you choose to ERP on your main or an alt, that's totally up to you and your comfort.
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  8. Hey. Giving this a little bump as I'm back in the saddle again, RPing on XIV. I had to take a break due to some real-life issues, but everything mentioned above is still applicable!
  9. hey if you would like an explanation on the differences feel free to message me here and I can either explain the differences on here or discord cause I also moved recently and would love to help a fellow WOW refugee.
  10. Hey everyone. I'm kinda new to the game, but I have really been enjoying the world and the stories. I've done some light RP with my FC, and have had a great time. I have heard that FF14 has an ERP scene, and I am curious. I was hoping that i could get some help with a few questions. Am I even in the right place? I've been trying to search for Subreddits and Discords where I could ask some questions, but so far haven't found anything. Is there anywhere that would be more appropriate for what I am asking? And if so, where? Is it something people do on their ma
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  12. Hello there, Grainish, welcome! - I'd recommend beginning with lore specific to the character you want to play. Research their race, the place they are from, the class(es) you want them to have, etc. - You can start RPing whenever you want! Reaching 15+ will allow you to travel to the major cities, however, which will be useful for RP. Being lower level will also of course limit your outfit options, and the more you play through the game, the more lore you will learn and locations you will be able to travel.
  13. Recently got into the venue scene on Gilga. Been pretty positve and enjoying. Alot of fellow venue hoppers were looking to know about the clubs in Aether. So i made and rp blog of charavter reviewing clubs on Aether datacenter. I enjoy writing, and turned out to be a fun expierience so far. Come check it out and maybe ill see some of while i am vemue hopping around. Izra's Picks
  14. Another Argent Dawner! Welcome, and looking forward to meeting you in Eorzea!
  15. Hi Grainish! I'm a new player too looking for partners, I'll send you a message on this website with my Discord contact info! For the lore, sometimes you can find good guides online written by fans - for instance, I just found a Miqo'te guide on the FFXIV Crystal RP discord that is super comprehensive and awesome and like, 100 pages! I've also found summary guides that are super short and helpful for faster reading! If you haven't joined that discord yet, I think the link is displayed somewhere on this forum - you can always ask for more guides there!
  16. Hello, I'm brand-new to FFXIV and FF in general as of about 30 minutes ago, but I'm already very intrigued. I enjoy RPing a lot and would like to look into the idea of doing so in this game, but I don't know anything about the world. So, I have a few questions. -What are the most important pieces of lore, or where could I find them? I'd be all for searching through the wiki and whatnot but if I could be directed to certain key points to keep my search limited to specific things that will be of the most importance I'd appreciate it. -Is there a certain level I should reach before trul
  17. Flat color waist up commission of a spearman
  18. Hey! I’m Kahrow, I been role playing on and off on World of warcraft for about 10 years. I been wanting to RP again but haven’t been feeling it on WoW. I heard some good things about the RP on FFXIV. I been really anxious getting back in to RP after such a long break from WoW and wanted a little refresher on RP and see if It was any different on FFXIV. I came across an How to RP guide from the old site and then ended up here. Very exciting to be apart of this Community! I’m in a space right now that I feel light/medium RP is where I am at. At least until I’m more comfortable w
  19. I also was on Argent Dawn! I hope to see you around :)
  20. Hello everyone! Hope you guys are fine and all doing well. Really excited and nervous to be here. I've always wanted to start RPing but, never had the guts to do it. I've been playing FFXIV for a couple of years now and have a bit of experience with table-tops. However, I am quite newbie on my RP adventures. I am constantly overthinking the background of my character and never take any action. But now I quite eager to start RPing and making friends. Please let me know if you have any advice from where to start. I am from the Primal DC so I am not sure i
  21. THIS SATURDAY ONLY! A one-time, special event hosted by the Crimson Circle and Requiem Syndicate! Are you a vixen? Are you someone who knows what they want in life and aren't afraid to take it, no matter what the cost? Then this will be the night for you. Join the Crimson Circle for a night of debauchery, music, and beautiful people. † WHEN † - Saturday, July 31st at 7PM EST † WHERE † - Requiem Bar - Balmung - Shirogane - Ward 7 Plot 54 † WHO'S A VIXEN? † - Anyone. This is a LGBTQ+ Friendly event!
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