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  2. Evening! I'm a quite passionate RPer and my best friend got me onto this game, and it's been quite fun so far. Unfortunately, they're not much of an RPer so I thought I'd do some looking to see if I could find any like-minded people who wouldn't mind occasionally RPing with a completely new FF player. Feel free to message my discord Erevae#1050. Forgive me, I'm still not sure how to navigate FFXIV messaging.
  3. I’m trying to get back into roleplay a bit more and I’m looking to make some connections for my main character. I play in the EST timezone, mostly in the evenings, though I would be happy to do Discord RP if matching time zones with people is an issue. In brief, Lothaire Valenfort is a traveling craftsman who specializes in goldsmithing with a little woodwork here and there. Previously hailing from Ishgard he’s been living the life of an itinerant traveler in Eorzea since before the Calamity. He tends to be on the move a lot so he could feasibly pop up anywhere I need him to (within reason) or perhaps could be found at his house in the Mists. I have a character sheet for Lothaire here with a bit more information for anyone who would like to know more (it’s still a little work-in-progress so I may add minor bits to it now and then). If anyone happens to be interested in interacting with a craft/trade based character, I’d love to RP with you. I can be found in-game on Lothaire Valenfort (Zalera), via Discord (Valtiere #9845) or here on the forums. What I’m looking for: Both short and long term RP opportunities (though long term is preferable) Discord or google docs RP (available anytime) In-game RP (available between 11am-2pm and/or 9pm to midnight EST) Plot heavy RP Casual/slice-of-life RP People to attend events with (it’s more fun with others) Potential connections I would love to find: Friends Traveling companions Customers interested in commissioning him as a crafter Other crafter/gatherer connections Past connections Rivals/enemies/antagonistic RP A little about me: I am a paragraph writer but I will usually try to match whoever I’m rping with in terms of post length. I prefer discord and/or google docs over in-game RP mainly due to time constraints, but I can do either. I play on Zalera but am happy to visit other servers to join people. I won’t participate in erp at all. Romantic/love-interest RP is acceptable but only if it makes sense within an interaction and not as a primary motivator.
  4. Oh you found me here! Yay I'm glad! You're welcome~
  5. Hey all! I'm Kari, and new to FFXIV RP, but I've done other RP before in forums and some games. I'm looking to expand how I enjoy this game with a new character, but I'm not sure about what best server to jump into for this. My other characters are on Aether, but I can move around if anyone has suggestions. Thanks!
  6. I'd say for the most part, people are pretty chill and rather friendly. I hope you don't run into more like the initial experience. Especially when people use a TON of in-game terms and other MMO speak that someone may not have seen before whether new to FFXIV, MMO RP, RP in general, etc. If you happen to still be getting acquainted with FFXIV in general, https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Dictionary_of_Terms_and_Slang may be helpful as I know there are certain terms and slang that tend to be used in FFXI/FFXIV that are different from the ones that someone may have encountered in say, WoW. Otherwise, more of the MMO-ish ones can be tricky because some are up for interpretation. I'd definitely recommend asking about any specifics you encounter and hopefully someone here can help answer or shed some light if the person using that term isn't as friendly. For the most part, I usually only see people with these: RP - common RP designator ERP - erotic/sexual roleplay. Some may look down on it, but it's both more common than people say, but way less common than rumors about RP/Balmung would have you believe. MRP - Mature RP. This is one of those tricky ones as it's "mature themes" but that's up to interpretation. It could mean general 18+ stuff, ERP, or other forms of explicit material like extreme violence. It's best to just ask the other person what they mean by it to get an idea. DRP - "Dark" RP. See MRP as I've personally found these to be interchangeable. WU - Walk ups. I don't usually see people using this unless they're trying to squeeze more information in the limited search info box. /tell - FFXIV's version of a private message. IC/OOC - in-character/out-of-character PVE - this person also plays the game for content/raiding ILVL - item level. End game term to give people an idea of how good your equipment is CRP - (in the RP sense) I have no idea. One of my friends has this, but I haven't asked.
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  8. Hello to all reading this! I'll start with a bit about me, so folks know what they are getting into. I've been RPing for quite a few years now, in a variety of formats (tabletop, MUDs and MUSHes, chat rooms, MMOs), and consider myself a decent writer, able to work with other people's ideas as well as my own to make interesting stories. I'm semi new to FFXIV. Just finished the ARR quests, heading into the Heavensward stuff, though doing so slowly since I'm dabbling with crafting and gathering as well. My time is relatively open, though most of my RP time tends to be in the evenings, EST time zone. What I am looking for are contacts for plots and adventures, companions that J'Verik would hang out with and even possible romantic connections for him down the line. I'm a huge sucker for slice of life and 'casual' RP, things that build character growth and development. And on to the good stuff! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J'Verik Nuhn (Balmung Server) J'Verik is a Miqo'te, a Seeker of the Sun. For the last few years he's been a mercenary (a term he prefers to adventurer as it sounds more professional and 'adept'), working all over Eorzea. He's had contacts with smaller free companies, the Grand Companies and individuals, doing work as a bodyguard, troubleshooter, explorer and generally whatever someone needs doing and is willing to pay for, so long as it does not go against his own code of conduct. He's recently started 'settling' a bit, looking at growing his wealth and setting up a more permanent base of operations. To that end he's been looking to make contacts for more regular and long term work as well as more social contacts, which he's been a bit short on over the last few years. A survivor of the Battle of Carteneau, he still carries the scars, both physical and emotional, of that day. There is a definite bias against Garleans, as he blames them for all that happened that day and the loss of his tribe and family. Aside from that he gets on well with most people, though the newest 'arrivals' to Eorzean shores, the Viera and Hrothgar, are quite fascinating for the similarities and contrasts to his own way of life. For a bit more in-depth information on him, I'm including a link to a carrd page I made for him, rather than simply copying all that information here! https://jverik-nuhn.carrd.co/#
  9. Thanks for responding! I hope not everyone is as rude.
  10. I think Wu generally means walk-ups welcome, meaning you can approach someone for RP, emote and they’ll (probably) respond. I’ve also seen t or /t (or w and /w) which means the person is welcoming to tells/whispers. I have no idea about the others though. I’ve only ever seen people use such short abbreviations in this game, and its probably just because of the terrible character limit SE set for that section. Kind of silly that people were rude about it when you asked though.
  11. So Im new to the whole RP thing in FF14, but I have always wanted to give it a try, so I world visited Balmung. I noticed all these letters by everyone search comment as in; Fu/Wu/c etc. And i couldnt find anything online to tell me what they mean, and when i asked people what it meant they were all really rude, so I was hoping someone would be able to explain it for me on here, or even provide a link to a guide that has all of this spelled out for me?
  12. Welcome to the FFXIV RP website Verona! o/ The lore for this game is very well fleshed out, it can be dizzying the amount there is to learn and explore. That's a good thing though, FFXIV provides a setting with lots of cultural variation and social ingredients for us to draw from.
  13. I'm glad you came across our website, welcome Derek!
  14. Greetings Aurumborous, welcome to the FFXIV RP website! o/ I hope awesome adventures and fond memories await you.
  15. Hello Thestias, welcome to the FFXIV RP community! I'm glad to hear that FFXIV has made such a positive impression on you and I hope you continue to enjoy the game.
  16. Greetings starryslug, welcome aboard the FFXIV RP website! o/ One of my RP alts is a machinist and one is an astrologian, so I feel your pain. ^ ^ I played through ARR to unlock the class for the first character and I'll need to do the same for the other, there's no way around it from what I can tell besides buying the quest progression packs. Write your character in accordance with whatever her level of education and personal experience would be, I doubt anyone will hold that against you. It's not uncommon for RPers to write around whatever is being literally represented in the game by a power level, body measurement, etc. This may sound odd but knowing a lot about the game will actually help you set the parameters for Beryl's progression as a machinist and crafter. Brilliant illustration of Beryl by the way!
  17. Good to meet you Euphemia, I'm glad to hear you're having fun with FFXIV! ^.^ Playing through the quests and learning about the lore can be a good way of getting some inspiration for your character's background, personality and other details. Starting off with some very basic ideas and evolving from there can also help make the development process easier. You could also draw inspiration from what your character looks like as well. For example, if your character looks like the one in your signature you could draw up some initial ideas for her personality based on that. -A cheerful person -Carefree attitude -Maybe the petals suggest she's a fan of gardening and has a botanist job? -She probably enjoys hearing the sound of music
  18. Hello and welcome to the website Dhante, I hope you enjoy your time here! Your Sea Wolf sounds cool! Rogadyns are awesome in general, so I can imagine how much fun a pirate Rogadyn with a cavalier attitude would be to RP. I hope FFXIV provides the perfect environment for you to develop your character and gain more and more confidence in your MMO RPing.
  19. Welcome to Norvalla - We are now hosting Morning Events as well as Evening Events. This is to encourage European and North American players to join us as we are trying to cultivate a growing, developing and strengthening community among the varying time zones that exist.
  20. How exciting! Norvalla already has 5 events on the calendar for September 21st through the 28th! As our community grows, we have come to have members from so many places! Places such as Chile, Denmark, Switzerland, Britain, Canada, Japan, just to name some of the countries. We also have members across the United States, representing all time zones from the East Coast all the way to Hawaii! With this growth and time zone differences we are proud to be able to set up events at different times of the day. Currently, out of the 5 events scheduled, we have 3 Morning Events (10am to 12:30pm Eastern time) and 2 Evening Events (8pm to 11:30pm Eastern Time.) Care to learn more about Norvalla? Stop on by at: Forums/application -- https://norvalla.enjin.com/ Discord -- https://discord.gg/X67naaB
  21. How exciting! Norvalla already has 5 events on the calendar for September 21st through the 28th! As our community grows, we have come to have members from so many places! Places such as Chile, Denmark, Switzerland, Britain, Canada, Japan, just to name some of the countries. We also have members across the United States, representing all time zones within. With this growth and time zone differences we are proud to be able to set up events at different times of the day. Currently, out of the 5 events scheduled, we have 3 Morning Events (10am to 12:30pm Eastern time) and 2 Evening Events (8pm to 11:30pm Eastern Time.) Care to learn more about Norvalla? Stop on by at: Forums/application -- https://norvalla.enjin.com/ Discord -- https://discord.gg/X67naaB
  22. "Hurt that badly? But it wasn't even..." Reijna's voice trailed off as she turned around only to find herself speechless and... awkwardly gawking. The sight of his beaten and bruised body caused her to forget what she was saying, and even that Kern had brought food out. She wanted to yell at him for being so reckless in such a state, however she controlled her temper. He was honestly a stranger to her.. And she knew she really shouldn't care too much about people she didn't know, but it was hard. "Well this," she motioned her hand to indicate his body, "is more than what I can help with. I mean I could bandage you up but I don't think I have enough. Once you're cleaned up you should go find a chirurgeon to get patched up." Reijna moved back over to him and picked up her container as a soft mutter left her lips. "I guess this won't be as helpful as I thought.." With a sigh she went back to her own table and sat back down as she waited for Kern to return with the water and towel. She kept her gaze upon the container, purposely not looking at Sandor. Well, maybe it could help with his face at least...
  23. Sandor didn’t try and avoid Reijna when stepped in front of him. He was honestly too tired and the blows to his head, along with the alcohol were beginning to make his head swim. When she took the dishes from his arms and ordered him to sit, he expected that she was going to do something about his injuries so complied without complaint. He couldn’t help but grin as she offered her assessment of his condition even offering a reply in his drunken tones… “Nah,” he said with a false frown. “No way one child’d take me out… Two? Well then, m’be I’d be in trouble…” With that said, he started removing the leather breast guard that he was wearing. Underneath was a light tunic that had been soaked through in a couple of places with blood from injuries he’d received during the fight that had ended with his former employer’s murder. As Reijna moved away and spoke to Kern asking for a towel and bowl of warm water, he pulled the tunic over his head revealing a powerfully muscled torso that was even more battered looking than his face had been. Dozens of healed scars marked his body but there were several recent wounds that looked to be in need of serious attention. The deep slashes, that had started healing had been pulled open during the fist and a large and angry bruise dominated the right side of Sandor’s ribcage. Falling still once again, he turned to regard his friend who looked at him in alarm as he hesitated before answering the woman’s query. “Er… yes! Of course miss,” Kern waved the plate of bread that he’d returned with and nodded at the other plate, stacked with fruit, meat, and chees that he’d brought just in case there was change in mind… He hustled past and into the room placing the platters onto the bar while muttering loudly enough to be heard. “By the Twelve! Had I but known, I would have never agreed…” With that said, he turned back to Reijna and relieved her of her burden. “I’ll get those for you straight away,” he said with one more look over his shoulder at his injured friend. “Honesty, I had no idea he’d been that badly hurt.” With that, he was off leaving the room empty aside from the pair. Sandor sat quietly as instructed with eyes that were unfocused seemingly content to wait until someone came to either patch him up or put him out of his misery. At this point he was beyond caring too much…
  24. I forgot to mention an easy way to contact me is Eywa#8706 on discord. Or in game as Eywa Feyrbrand
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  26. *waves* Hello fellow roleplayers. I have left Siren last night and come to the world of Famffrit on Primal to make friends and enjou not only content but back into the roleplaying scene! I would like to roleplay as my main character Eywa Feyrbrand which you can find all their info on EywaFeyrbrand.carrd.co A quick overhaul of the current changes to the character's plot is the fact that they have switched genders and are trying to adapt to the world around them. It happened as an accedent and their trying to figure a way to fix it, while trying to maintaine a normal lifestyle in the present. I'm open to anyone who wants to make friends, possible enemies, perhaps a mentor for red magic, or someone who wishes to help fix the situation. Also currently Eywa is employed at Elysium L'ternite as a host for the club. He is a bit shy and nervous, and the adorable nerdy type of guy who has a heart of gold and means well. He knows his job well and is willing to entertain and please those around himself. Come on out and say hello to him when we are open!
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