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  3. Priae

    Chimera Members

    Screenshots of our members doing what they do best - being nerds.
  4. Von Sayrillont

    The Eye in the Heart

    This time the Iris set out on a more personal mission on regards for Von himself, fetching a ancient relic from dravania that rests within the heart of the mountain of Sohm Al within the forelands, trials will be tested and brave to reach this relic, will our party prove worthy?
  5. Von Sayrillont

    [Balmung] Seeking Bonds of All Kinds!

    Lovely character and glad to hear your enjoying balmung! Would love to help you with finding connections and also have Von here make connections with your character, always looking for friends! If you want to roleplay, feel free to poke Von Sayrillont in game!
  6. Hello! I've had an account for this site for a little bit, but this will be the first time really posting. I hopped over to Balmung during the last time it opened, and I've been having a blast there ever since. But, I haven't had the best luck in finding people who are interested in forming a long-term connection with my character. Hence why I'm here! First things first, I'll introduce myself. Hiya! I'm Aria. ♥ I've been a Final Fantasy fan since the 90s and consider myself doomed to continue playing the franchise forever. (To infinity and beyond.) I love anime, cosplay, web design, gaming, kpop, singing -- a lot of stuff tbh. I am a chatterbox and will talk all night if you let me! English is my first and preferred language, but I'm not a stickler about typos or incorrect verbs/etc. Obviously I prefer writing that I can understand, but we're all bound to make mistakes -- and believe me, I'm a typo queen! I'm an experienced roleplayer. I've been creating characters and worlds since the 5th grade, and have been writing online for over 10+ years. (I'm in my 20s, if you couldn't guess. lol) My usual format is multi-paragraph, but due to the character limits in FFXIV, I'm starting to adjust to a most simplistic style. I originally started playing Final Fantasy XIV back in 2015, but quit after about four months due to my friends leaving the game. I returned to the game fall of 2017 and have stuck with it ever since. I've got characters on three servers (Balmung, Diabolos & Mateus), but the majority of my time is spent on Balmung. /too lazy to redo everything on multiple servers. In regards to the MSQ, I just got to the post-Heavensward quests. I'm aware of various spoilers/plot points, so I won't be upset if we discuss something I haven't gotten to yet (ic/ooc). I am open to roleplaying on Discord, if that's something my partner wants to do. In fact, it can actually make things easier depending on your timezone. Speaking of timezones, I'm on the Pacific Standard timezone and my playtime is usually between 6pm - 1am PST (9pm - 4am EST) on the weekdays and basically anytime on the weekends. I'm super laid-back and down for just hanging out! I'm not serious 24/7 and am open to getting to know you on an ooc-level too. I feel like people who know each other tend to write together better, so whatever you're up for - so am I! Now that you know a little bit about me, I wanna tell you about my precious girl. ♥ This is my Warrior of Light - Airis Sakuragi. Airis is a half-Raen, half-Xaela headstrong woman with a clear definition of right and wrong, who wants to bring joy to those around her while preserving her sense of self. She appears to have endless confidence; voicing her opinions and backing them up, and she launches into battle with courage and heart, standing up for what she believes is right. Her love for life is boundless; unlimited and unwavering. I'm still working on many aspects of her background, but you can read her character profile here. Some aspects of her character shift as I play through the game, but she's remained the same at the core since I first created her. I'm doing my best to stick to the lore, while also flexing certain liberties. (Let's be real, you kinda have to.) What I'm looking for, essentially, is other characters for her to meet and form bonds with. Spontaneous and random friends, adversaries to put her beliefs to the test, companions for her journey, people she knew back in the Steppes, anything and everything! I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm also interested in finding a romantic interest for her, but it's far from being the priority. I believe in natural chemistry and if something sparks between our characters, then we'll cross that bridge when we get to it! If all of that sounds good you can send me an in-game mail, respond to this thread, PM me or add me on Discord (will provide when asked). If it will help, feel free to ask for more information about me or Airis. I look forward to meeting some of you in-game! ♥
  7. Warren Castille

    balmung The Grindstone - Saturdays at 10 PM EST (9 PM Central)

    Hey, the thread's being updated again! Last week's Grindstone saw Evening Fist repeat his previous victory, making him one of the rare few to not only win multiple times, but to do it in back to back weeks! This week we crowned yet another first-time-fighter as our new champ. Congratulations to Temujin Moks, who won the night with a giant suplex!
  8. Give a KOE and look https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/clubs/52-knights-of-eorzea/ we cover an adventurers path and a tavern path for those who like to do one, or the other, or both.
  9. Just a "teahouse with a dark side," so it seems I've nothing to offer, unfortunately! Lydia's FC are good folks, though! Good luck, and I hope you are all able to find somewhere to call home!
  10. ~Val~

    Your Gender vs. Your Character's

    I'm a female irl, and my main RP character is a cat boy, but I have many alts, both male and female, that I would be interested in RPing with someday.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Ceoile Stendan

    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    Just a bard and her harp.
  13. LockwoodMaku

    Looking for RP in Midgardsomr

    Actually Midgardsormr is a server that seems to be more an internal thing, as everyone there is more relaxed and less on boards for reasons. There's groups around who RP, but as I'm part of a more niche group of RPers, my best advice would be to check in Limsa Lominsa, and someone there should be able to get you hooked up with some folks! And welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy it here!
  14. Nebbs

    Returning, interested in getting into RP

    Not as much as in the past, with housing and some exodus a lot has moved to events and inside. Best this is to go to events and join an RP FC, that way you can start to establish some contacts.
  15. Lydia Lightfoot

    Looking for RP in Midgardsomr

    Hello! I'm not sure if there's many who roleplay on that server, though I have heard there's small groups on just about every server. Your best bet might be to transfer to Mateus if you can afford it. If you do, remember that the transfer fee is for up to 8 characters at once, so if you think you might ever want more than one you may as well make them in advance and send them over as a batch.
  16. Cassian0585

    Returning, interested in getting into RP

    I sure hope so I've not seen much RPing so far, I've walked about Ul'Dah and Limsa a bit, do people not RP in /say in this game?
  17. Hi all i am new to all this and looking for how to get into RP on Midgardsomr?
  18. Hey there! There's definitely a lot of RP going on around Balmung, don't worry. A lot of the FCs get busy enough that they just struggle to find the time to keep an updated RPC listing. In my case, my FC's a fairly new reincarnation, and the old one that's now gone did have a page here, whereas the new one's due to get a page set up this weekend. Anyway! I have friends from various FCs aside from my own, on my Discord server. Shoot me a message there if you'd like to have a guest invite to the server so you can socialize with us and make some friends, and maybe you'll find an FC fit (doesn't have to be mine - we're happy to have guests from other FCs as long as they seem to want to interact with us and RP together and such).
  19. Kieron Lohengrin

    New to RP! :)

    ello and welcome \o
  20. Nidobun

    New to RP! :)

    Hiya! I'm Nidobun, or just Nido, and I've been playing FFXIV for maybe a month now? A coworker persuaded me into playing and now I can't stop! 😄 I'm a 23 year old girl from Michigan and I have a thing for dogs/dog training. I like to draw and I like to practice drawing friends' characters because human-like beings are difficult with the anatomy and such ;-; I've got experience roleplaying on Deviantart - but that probably isn't the best experience if I'm being honest since it wasn't really human-like rp. I think I'm just nervous about rping in a game like this? It probably seems silly, but that's how I describe it :') . I LOVE writing so it comes pretty natural to me, but I have some social anxiety that just pops up and visits. So because of that I'm just hanging around Limsa a lot in my bard class just practicing the piano - away from people because I have a heart and I know I suck. Made a few bard friends that are willing to help me get better though ❤️ But yeah! I play on Siren with the Miqo'te character known as Yuri Kameko!
  21. Nura Arella

    Nura Arella Online

    The Time Traveling Miqo'te from the online world of Erozea.
  22. Valence

    Patch 4.3 Trailer

    I know they have unique weapons in lore. What I'm not sure about is that the model is different ingame... And judging by your 2 images, it's uh... hard to tell, they don't even show the same part on both... But I'll trust you on that ^^
  23. Heyo! I'll cut to the chase: my friends and I rolled on Balmung when it was open and have finally decided to dip our toes in, so to speak, if we can find a good FC fit. I have searched manually and been told the ones I have found thus far are either "not that active" any longer, are not recruiting, or ended up not being what we were looking for after all. There are a definite four of us, and possibly up to five. We have something of a tall order in mind for an FC, but we also have a lot to bring to the table. Here's what we are: Active (mostly in the evening - night EST hours), and willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort to the right fit, including with tanking and healing. Dedicated writers who take the hobby seriously, but on an average day are not serious in the slightest OOC. A lore-heavy group not adverse to research to see if something is plausible IC before going forward with a character or story line. People who do not require, expect, or even want our characters to be the paragons of their chosen field(s). We believe a good story should always take precedent over a Who's the Biggest Badass? contest and are prone to self-policing to make sure our characters don't have so many abilities / powers it waters down the significance of other characters in a group. Willing to fill out applications, do interviews, and work our way up through the ranks both from an IC and OOC perspective. Strongly against IC and OOC bleed, self-inserts, etc. Here's what we're looking for: A group that is active! For us, this specifically means that RP is a regular occurrence, and the more organic the better. We are hoping to find an FC where the members are eager to give newcomers the time of day outside of weekly/monthly event nights and include us in their stories. We are willing to work to get there and pay our dues, but we are not looking to be cold-shouldered either, whether intentionally or just for lack of effort on the other parties' end. A lore-heavy group. I know a lot of things in lore are vague or up for interpretation, but I feel like everyone has a good idea of what I'm getting at here. OOC maturity, compromise, and moderately thick skin. We are not looking for FCs who regularly troll other RPers or shit talk outsiders in FC chat as they're RPing with them. We are likewise not looking for groups prone to making a pastime out of being offended. While we strive to not be assholes and certainly aren't throwing out slurs, we don't want to spend all our time picking eggshells from our feet either. We are not throwing up the "no drama!" flag because arguments happen no matter how close a group is, so instead, we hope to find a group of people capable of arguing, working things out maturely, then building a bridge and getting over it rather than tantrum-throwing and immediately disbanding the guild because of one bad day. Voice chat must not be a requirement. One of us is mostly deaf and one of us is just shy. As for themes, we are not set on anything, but we are looking for something more story-driven than taverns, tea houses, and generic merc groups that never leave their house. Taverns that have "a dark side" where that dark side never does anything on screen also fall under this. We have nothing against any of these things, it's just not what we're looking for. Our characters are up a bit up in the air for the time being, but will be fully fleshed out (likely including their own wikis) before officially applying anywhere. We are trying to get a feel of what all is out there that would meet our OOC criteria before we decide which way to lean. Theoretically, we're looking at a Roegadyn brawler, a Kha relic hunter, another Kha with an interest in anthropology, and a duskwight leading this little crew.
  24. Ceoile Stendan

    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    X'an Stormblade, pirate queen (on the left), with her beloved first mate, Evie.
  25. Last week
  26. Draco Giraffa

    mateus Looking for new connections...

    Thanks for the responses. I have been contacting individuals in game.
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