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  2. Anahri Nekina

    Off Site Communications Directory

    Name: Archadian RP Network Link: https://discord.gg/9GQsbzH Brief description: The Archadian RP Network is a gathering and organization resource for players on Aether servers. The core membership is roleplayers on Midgarsormr, with a completely optional linkshell available there, but roleplayers from any Aether world are welcome. The structure of the server currently includes rooms for planning in-world events as well as sharing pics and stories on the server itself, and is actively adjusted to meet the needs of our members. As of this posting, the server is brand new, so don't be discouraged if the population is still low when you arrive. ^.^
  3. Nero


    The Xaela's expression softened considerably. "The only way you could know that is if he told you. Which means that by the end of it all, he must have held you in high regard...or, given his nature, enough regard. Which is its own sort of praise. Even a foreigner like you should understand that." While the Au Ra still held a stiff, firm stance, her steely demeanour seemed to retreat, at least for now. "In this particular case, you are right; I do know of him. He did manage to return, and he is currently being held in our temple. Not precisely as a prisoner, exactly...I'm not sure how to explain it in a way a foreigner would understand. A monument, I suppose? Though I am sure the nuance of such a distinction is lost on you." Ashur could only guess at the greater context of this conversation, since it seemed to involve someone he didn't know and a culture of which he knew even less. Which was all well and good, but he was tired of waiting. "Did his return include a keystone?" Ashur asked rather bluntly. "Some kind of black rock, shaped in a sphere." The Au Ra seemed taken aback by his forthright question. "It...did. I am beginning to think that encountering the two of you was more fortuitous than I initially thought. I can only assume that if you are asking about it, then you seek to take it." "Would that be a problem?" Ashur grunted, folding his arms. To his surprise, the Xaela shook her head. "Not quite, though the others of my kind would likely disagree. You will need me, however. A Tsenkhai is needed to approach our grounds safely, unless it was in your plans to fight through a glacier you have no hope of navigating," the Au Ra said. "Though if you had managed to run into some Aljai at Reunion, that might have sufficed, for a time."
  4. Tal Valtiere

    Siren? Faerie? Others?

    Zalera has a small RP community. It’s not as big as Mateus’ or Balmung’s but there is a discord and a number of rp-focused free companies. It’s also a fairly small server, and before the demolition timer was suspended, we had quite a few houses available. Not sure if they’ll free up again once they turn the timer back on, but it’s probably one of the easier servers to get a house on compared to balmung and Mateus, if that’s ever anything you’d be interested in.
  5. Uranami Onsen's Social Hour opens in about twenty minutes!
  6. Shimiharu

    Turn your main RP char into an NPC

    Simhi would be a re-occuring character - the odd homeless Miqo'te girl who keeps asking you to find the male Keepers she managed to convince to play "her mate" to keep her mother quiet. Or find items for her that she actually needs to fetch for her customers in Limsa.
  7. Uhm...people ghosting me leads to me bumping this once again.
  8. Kieron Lohengrin

    New on the Scene (Goblin, maybe Mateus?)

    welcome \o
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  10. Hey there! I'm new to the forums and the FFXIV RP scene in general. I've done a lot of RP in the form of tabletop games, forums, and chat, but I've never really done it in an MMO before, but I've always wanted to after seeing some people doing it in Guild Wars 2. My main character is on Goblin (Au Ra: Xaela) and has a sort of storyline ready to go for her as well as a rival in the form of my fianceé's Roegadyn, but as I understand, there isn't much of an Rp presence at all on Goblin, so I was considering making a new character on Mateus intended to be 100% for roleplay. If I can find a group to do things with, I'd probably be fairly active in developing the character and participating. I play the game almost everyday. Anyway, good to meet you all! ~Myo
  11. Altitis Acquired

    RP'ers on Tumblr?

    Hey all. I was one of the RP'ers who had a blog on Tumblr back in the day, but since the whole debacle December 2018, I left Tumblr out of principle. And I've been happy with that decision, because I didn't want to support the site and the changes to the platform, as it harmed a lot of people I was connected with on there. However since then, I haven't had a platform to express my FFXIV stuff on. Thought about making a new Twitter account that is dedicated to my FFXIV activities, but Twitter as a platform feels very limited in comparison to Tumblr, which was just so easy and open, imo. So I'm asking you guys, are any of you still on Tumblr? How's the FFXIV RP community activity on there these days? Is it worth going back to? Thanks in advance. ^^
  12. Rosekitten

    Au Ra race/culture information

    I may try to shoot them a message. I 'm not really looking to run a tribe sadly. As fun as the idea sounds of forming one and giving it a bit of flair.. it's not in the cards. The server I moved to has rp on it but it's pretty spread out at best. ^^; I just wanted to make sure I was keeping the names at least close to lore or the theme behind the race as I could. I probably worry far too much as more then likely it won't be brought up in conversation much if at all heh. I know I had seen some things here and there but I can't seem to find most of my old bookmarks anymore (granted they are a few years old now soo.. heh)
  13. Unnamed Mercenary

    Au Ra race/culture information

    They do have Mongolian influence! ....I know I talked about this before, but it's mostly lost to the the aether because it was over RPC chat and not in a thread. @Arashin Kujqai may remember some of the stuff I said and also runs a custom Xaela tribe iirc.
  14. Cyani Morningstar

    Returning Player on Balmung

    Thank you! o/
  15. Rosekitten

    Au Ra race/culture information

    Oh I know it's a Xaela thing (excuse to keep the coal blue skin still heh). I should have mentioned that was part of my plan to start with. I was just curious if there was some sort of naming rule for the clan. I know they were based off of the Mongolian tribes..? I think I heard that somewhere anyway. I wasn't sure if there was some sort of naming convection for the clans just like the names. I have several months yet to iron out what exactly I'm doing.. I won't end up changing anything till after the expansion release I don't think..
  16. Fuko_Ibuki

    RP Adamantoise

    Hey everyone! For a while now, a few of us have felt the lack of roleplay on Adamantoise. How come the people on our server can't enjoy the dynamic of coming together and creating great stories like on Balmung, Gilgamesh, or Mateus? That's when inspiration struck and we brought a group of roleplayers together to create the RP Adamantoise Discord and linkshell. Since our inception, we have grown to nearly 70 members in the discord and continue to grow daily. That being said, we will always be looking for new folks to join all the fun we've already had and will continue to have for a long time. Are you interested in roleplaying? Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just curious and want to give it a shot, we would love to have you. Our discord portrays both a social environment for our members and a set of tools to find not only partners to RP with, but events to attend as well. Please use the following link to join our Discord. We can also give out invites to the linkshell, so don't hesitate to ask. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord at Fuko Ibuki#5438. Look forward to seeing you both in and out of character! https://discord.gg/eG63QNM
  17. I am new to FFXIV Rping scene though I am not new to rping as a whole as I rp on WoW quite often. A Friend reminded me this game exists and i wish to join the rping community. I am just looking for people to rp with. Show me the ropes and what not. I rp about anything I am open to most things. Though when it comes to Erp I will only rp it if it has a good reason to be done.
  18. Hello, everyone I'm brand new to the game, just now starting, but anyways I'm looking forward to playing the game as normal as well as doing a bit of role play, though I might not know the lore I'm quick to learn, that and I do know how to roleplay, been doing it since I was younger, anyways I'm playing on Mateus. My character's name is Kiyoshi Huyana, Not sure what I want this story to go, but I'm sure I'll come up with something I also have Discord if you want it is Kiyoshi#9887. Anyways hope to hear back, sorry for the little details, but still nailing down what I want my character to be etc.
  19. Unnamed Mercenary

    Au Ra race/culture information

    Clan name-wise, that's mostly a Xaela thing, but even the official SE Forums post on naming conventions encourages players to have fun with it seeing how clans can come and go and we're only shown a handful in the Azim Steppe as it is. So if one doesn't suit your interests, I wouldn't sweat it. As for Raen, they don't really do clan names as much as surnames. And also have a pretty mutual cultural contribution to Doma/Hingashi society as well, which gives you access to that lore as well, if it's something you'd want to make use of. As usual, there are also always deviations and exceptions to all the rules for adventuring folk, those who may have moved into a city, or gone abroad. "I left X clan/tribe to see the world" is always an option if there's a tidbit you like, but don't want to necessarily impact your character in the present.
  20. Rosekitten

    Au Ra race/culture information

    thanks a bunch. The only real specific question I can think of as of the moment is dealing with clan naming. Odds were I was going to favor the route of just being the last left in the clan due to the clan conflicts.. (I know they have a name for them but presently I can't think of it off the top of my head). I hate thinking I'm doing the probably done to death route for the clan back story but at the same time I know very well if I went into full detail where the clan was alive (I can't really bring myself nor am I feeling brave enough to adopt one of the lore clans as my character's clan.. I'd rather not step on toes if I can help it..) then I'd be detailing out quite a few characters just to satisfy my own story telling.. >_< (though typing that out. that does sound like fun .. to me at least haha).
  21. Kieron Lohengrin

    Returning Player on Balmung

    welcome \o
  22. Mateus Events

    Reize Mazia

    https://xiv.page.link/Yxh6 Goblet Ward 11 Plot 55 "Have adrink, a hearty meal- and consider the soup of the day. Assorted cakes and treats available for a limited time! Careful not to get mugged... or worse. There have been frequent sightings of the unsavory types that wouldn't be out of place on Pearl Lane. Bring out your talent on stage for all to (unwillingly) see. Performers wanted for future openings! It's a cozy spot so get comfortable... Menu: http://tiny.cc/RMenu ((No actual gil trading necessary))" Category: Bar/Tavern Contacts: Sylvarant Yaeger
  23. Mateus Events

    Autumn Solace's Open House

    https://xiv.page.link/f7VM Mists Ward 17, Plot 30 A bi-monthly event that welcomes any and all people to join the staff of the Autumn's Solace for an evening of free food and drink. Category: Bar/Tavern Contacst: Paradyme Capellago, Paradyme#0001
  24. Mateus Events

    Brimming Heart Pool Party

    https://xiv.page.link/7rSF Goblet Ward 13, Brimming Heart Pool party in the brimming heart! food, drinks, bikinis and new friends! Swimming lessons available upon request. Category: celebration Contacts: Honey Jade / Jeweled Silk / Syngiwyda Ostornwyn / Lotus#9123
  25. Mateus Events

    Carbuncle's Cup

    https://xiv.page.link/1Fm1 Lavender Beds Ward 4, Plot 4 Carbuncle's Cup re-opens! Come down for a small performance, apothecary and refreshments! Category: Other Contacts: X'zhai Kotodama (Astra#1234), Dain Kotodama (Tachanka#8508)
  26. Last week
  27. Unnamed Mercenary

    Au Ra race/culture information

    Sounsyy's got a number of lore compilations for Au Ra as a race and the various cultures we see them a part of in-game. The most up to date index is over on tumblr http://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update . If there's a specific question or questions, I can help to find some more detailed resources or see if the lore books have anything on it!
  28. Rosekitten

    Au Ra race/culture information

    I know there are the wiki pages but I was curious if there was any other reference material I could get a hold of to have a look at? I was thinking about re-rolling my character in the near future just as a bit of a change. I've only spent the last six or so years rp'ing as a duskwight Ishgardian smith.. I think it may be time for a change.. With mixed feelings of excitement and my nerves getting the better of me again.. I wanted to seek out information on a few things before I really settled on what I am going to do in the long run of things. Thank you in advanced for any information or links you may have to share ^^
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